Slow Boot Time after a power outage :'(

1 week ago there was a power outage, I had been at the start screen of my windows 8 about to shut the computer off; but the power outage did it for me. My computer had previously booted in approx. 7 seconds, and now it takes about a minute just to get to the windows loading screen. It runs perfectly after starting up, but the boot time increase is extremely annoying, especially for a build as recent as mine. The part that is slow is the bios, not my windows 8. For my system specs please see my profile. Any and all help is appreciated. 

Re-post in a section that I feel is more appropriate

Run the command: "CHKDSK /F" in a command prompt and reboot.

Run as admin

From the device manager, check the status of the IDE or SATA controller and make sure it's running in DMA mode.  If there's any doubt, try re-installing the driver for the controller. 

all good advice above...if you still have issues try:

vivard (ssd? mech=yes)


defrag, unless ssd

sfc scan

if issue persists...reload, hopefully from image with data backed up

issue persists=hardware issue, after power outage its hard to say...PSU, RAM, Mobo

a windows load is a temporary thing, so plan for that...hard to be the kid in the schoolyard that is supposed to be agreeable with anyone and everything... 

I've actually been thinking that my rig doesn't boot as quickly as it should... You can check my full build in my profile, but I have a Kingston Hyperx 3k with AMD 8350 and it takes probably 20-30 sec to boot? Never actually timed it before. 

no splash/no sound will speed that up, otherwise everything is waiting on the board, which is my downfall right least half the time (Saberx58). once the board is done its fast as hell..OP needs to do some troubleshooting and report back

Thanks so much, had seen it on other forums topics but thought it didn't work.

Dang windows 8 hides the run as admin option pretty well :P


Thanks again, went down to a 5 second boot time, with a 3 sec delay to show the MSI screen :D

Advanced troubleshooting(Windows only, does not cover problems prior to bootloader init):

Get Windows Performance Toolking(part of Win ADK).

And check here: C:\Windows\System32\wdi\LogFiles

If it's not making any sense to you, post the boot trace here and we'll take a look.