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Slot 1 PCIe clearance using NH-U14S on GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme?


I’m looking at a 2950x build with GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme and would like to use a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 but am concerned that there will not be enough clearance to put a graphics card in the first PCIe slot (a RX580 or GTX 1060; 1 for Linux host and the other for passthrough to Windows).

Anybody have experience with this CPU, board, and cooler setup?


I don’t have experience with the board but when I was considering to purchase it for a potential 2990WX build I noticed that the first PCIe slot on it is closer to the CPU socket than other X399 boards (aside from the Zenith Extreme).

If it does not have any clearance issues it will be close, other X399 boards with normal spacing between the socket and first PCIe slot already have a very small amount of room with that CPU cooler.

But looking on here:

Noctua doesn’t say there’s any issues, unlike with the Zenith. I’d maybe email them to make sure, unless someone on here has tested it.


Looks like its ok to me


Is that the Aorus Xtreme? Doesn’t look like it, this is the one he’s talking about:


It is not the extreme but if you look at the spacing on both its the same


The spacing isn’t the same. All of Gigabyte’s other boards have more space between the socket and first PCIe slot.

But yeah like I mentioned Noctua have it listed as compatible so it should work. Just seems like it’s going to be a very tight fit based on how much space is there on other boards.

This user apparently wasn’t able to fit his card in the first slot with the NH-U14S installed either so shrugs

I don’t know if he tried using the offsets on the cooler though.


Space between socket and 1st slot looks the same rest looks shifted


In the end I went with an ASRock Taichi and the TR 1950x. They were on such a crazy sale today I couldn’t resist. Saved over $600 buying those two pieces instead of the 2950x and the Aorus Xtreme! :astonished:


Adding this in case anyone else has the same question in the future:

The NH-U14S TR4 heatsink in my Gigabyte X399 Aorus Xtreme prevents installation of a graphics card in the top PCI-E x16 slot unless the 3 mm or 6 mm offsets in the heatsink’s mounting brackets are used to shift the heatsink away from the slot. The amount of shift needed will depend on whether or not the graphics card has a backplate and, if so, its thickness.

Another solution is to mount the graphics card in a lower slot or to use a vertical graphics card mount, like the one that came with my Fractal Design Define R6. With a vertical mounting bracket, the NH-U14S TR4 does not need to be shifted because the PCI-E ribbon cable is so low and narrow that there is no interference with the heatsink.