Slight problem with lua

sorry if this is in the wrong place im posting on my friends behalf so recently my friend got a prop hunt server running but there are some issues that stop the game from being playable and some that are serious but don't have much of an impact on the game (cant get skins to work) now the main problems are:

After about round 10 the game stops and this happens and the only way to fix that (that we know of) is to restart the server or change the map

the other problem is whenever someone is slain or uses the kill command in the console the teams wont change and again the only way to fix this is to restart the server.

I know there is a lack of info here just ask if it is needed but what im asking is does anyone know how to fix these problems? i know they are fretta problems but thats about it.


any and all help is appreciated thank you for reading.