Sliger Case question

So on one of Wendell’s more recent videos he showed a Sliger case.
This peaked my interest greatly.
I currently use 2x TCG-34390 case which are similar to the Sliger CX3152i

The problem I have with the TCG case though is that it’s like it was made in the 90’s. Remember back when all the edges on the case were sharp and you’d slice your hands up every time you reached inside a PC case?

I’m actually very interested in the Sliger CX3150x case.
The idea of an SFX power supply and thus allowing full access to an ATX m/b looks great.
Whilst using an ATX supply is nice for greater compatibility it does mean depending on the m/b you’re limited with how much expansion you can put in. With some m/b leaving PCIe slot 2 and 3 empty expecting you’re going to put a 3 slot graphics card in mean having only have the PCIe slots on an ATX board in a CX3152i case is actually annoying.

So what I’d like to know form anyone with experience. Do Sliger smooth off those edges of the metal so they’re not sharp and going to cut you up?

I’m in Australia, so if I buy this I’m keeping it and not paying for return shipping.

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the case I ordered at retail was fine, no sharp edges, well made. Still very happy with it.

Hoping I get a few more to review/giveaway but my immediate need was covered with the one I bought.

also I have swapped out for noctua industrial fans. more airflow. louder, but my pcie cards demanded it.

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