'Slide show' like backgrounds?(Ubuntu Gnome)

So, I've looked for a Gnome extension that would allow me to have randomized backgrounds that I choose and how long they take to change. This is one the of the few things that I'd love to have to help make my computer complete.

I'm sure with a little time you could actually write your own code to do that. It sounds as simple as giving your computer a list of pictures and telling it to pick one from the list by itself and change after x number of ticks.

I'm not familiar with Gnome at all but it sounds like a simple protocol. If you're outta luck here (I doubt that, though), it shouldn't be that much of a task for you to do it on your own.

Try these out...

These are user made so be careful...

That does not work, I've tried it before. Does not work with ubuntu 3.16

There is this guy in the reviews of the extension that claims to have added 3.16 support...You can always try him out too...