SLI gtx680 with creative zx PCI-e x1

i have a sabertooth 990fx and my gtx680 is in the top pci-e port that covers the pci-e x1 slot for the creative zx

my question is if i sli two 680 and plug the creative zx into on of the pci-e x16 port on the bottom will the motherboard enable 16x8x8 or is the motherboard smart enough to know only to enable 16x16 for the two 680s and that a sound card is pluged into the extra x16 port?

my best guess is no. but it never hurts to send asus an support an email and find out from the horses mouth.


ok had a chat with asus and your guess was right. the motherboard is smart enough to know that two GPUs are in use and a sound card is pluged into the 3rd pci16x slot.