SLI cards vs a solo card

Can't decide if I should upgrade to two cards like the 660 or 660TI or go with a solo 680. And was wondering what the pros and cons are to 1 card vs 2. Haven't sported two cards for sometime not since the 8800s era.

Current build

~500 dollars is the budget.

Thanks for any and all input.


I did have 480 SLi, i decided to sell one and stay single, i would much rather turn visual settings down than have SLi/ Crossfire issues.


Trust me, stick to a single powerful card, even if it does cost more, it will always be better vs Crossfire and SLi in the end.

If I were you, I would get a single card. I have a singel 680 4GB and it is amazing, performance wise. Look into 7970 6GBs, though; they are as much as some 680 4GBs and perform about 5-10% better in gaming. For Photoshop, though, get the 680. Mine murders rendering times :)

Always get 1 higher end card, compared to multiple lower end cards. Always :)

So excited. The node just got delivered I'll post pics of the new build as it gets finalized. I'll go with a solo Asus 680 then. Cool beans. :)

Asus DCII? Those are really overpriced; I recommend EVGA. EVGA makes some of the best graphics cards out there, in terms of build quality, and in my opinion, design.

I've been running my 460 is there for a while now and thats what's in there now. Its an asus. I just thought might as well keep the asus brand name. I'm not brand loyal either. For the next few weeks I'll see if I can swing a deal somewhere. I'll keep that in mind. My budget more I think about it will stay to like low 500's if the card is 560 dollars for example I'd expect it to have an assortment of games too to make that price worth while.

As promised here's the look of the case. I decided to go with a 650TI cause when I put all the parts in kindasaw the cable management disaster. So ya:

Thats the bad news. The good news was I managed to cram in the corsair water cooler so the air flow in the picture is going from left to right out the right side of the case.