SLES 15 Headaches (Updates, SSH, VNC)

After you helped me determin the needed SLES Version for a customers Server, i’ve done the Installation. So far so good. Fujitsu ServerView does help a lot with this. Installation was done without Network Access (didn’t have network in the Lab at Installation time) through the dual DVD option.

Now, with the System up and running, i’m a bit at a loss. I’m getting a lot of errors in terms of: “No Access to Installation Medium hd:///?device=/dev/sr0”. This keeps me from getting into the YAST Firewall configuration and from opening the Software Store for Updating the System.

Does SLES somehow set the Installation Media as it’s repository at install time? If so, how can i change that? Also, do i have to do anything besides enabling/starting sshd and allowing it in the firewall (assuming i can get to it)?

Delete or modify the local installation media as a repo file, in iirc /etc/zypp/repos.d/

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Sorry, didn’t catch your reply immediately.
I didn’t know, that the online repositorys only get added, once you register your SLES License on the Server. After that i just disabled the DVD Repositorys. Same seems to be the case for SSH. After Registering the Server, it startet working like intended.