Skyrim, steam, and the pesky cloud


I modded Skyrim, a lot, too much. Had the self installed tropical mod, some workshop mods, and some done with NMM.

I decided, I wanted a fresh install, clean, nothing on it at all. From here, I wanted to go purely the NMM route, and try out some HEAVY graphics mods since I got my new GPU.

So in steam, deleted all the game files (I think it was the delete local files option) and then I went to the folder, some stuff left behind from modding, so deleted it all.

I think went to the workshop, unsubscribed from all my mods.

Reinstalled Skyrim, launched and.....

Tropical mod?


Yup! Sure enough, some mods got re-installed when I installed skyrim, and I'm assuming it has something to do with cloud saves, and steam getting ALL the files in the folder. I see no other way a fresh install of skyrim to an empty folder would have stuff like ENB already there and active. Also, yes, all my old saves were there.

So how should I go about getting a fresh install from steam? I can't seem to find a way to reset/clear the cloud data, and I assumed uninstalling, clearing the folder, and reinstalling would get me a fresh install, but apparently not.

In Steam click *Steam top left then *Setting go to *Cloud second from the right unchecked the top box. This should in theory delete your cloud saves then try a fresh install the way you did it before. I had the same issue and this is what fixed it for me.