Skyrim mouse lag when looking at high res textures

My fps is always around 50-60, even when i get the mouse lag. I got the mouse lag after i updated my enb (Project ENB (fantasy)) with .221. I asked the author of the enb about it and he said it was the gpu struggling and that i should try the performance options. The performance options did help a lot but i still get mouse lag when looking at high res textures. 

Any tips on how to fix it? Could moving the game to a SSD help?

PC specs:

Asus 7970 dc2t

3770k @ 4.4ghz

16gigs of ram

Maybe try using a ramdisk (allocate 8gb to it) and use that as a temp file for steam. Should help if you have a really slow hdd. Really does seem like a gpu issue though. Scale back the mods a little or turn down the draw distance a bit.

Now I remember, I turned up the view distance about 2x from the default to get rid of Z-fighting. Probably not the best Idea.