Skyrim Mods Not Working

Ever since I updated Nexus Mod Manager on my computer to the newer version, I think I think I'd been using version 0.56.1 before that, I haven't been able to get my mods to work properly. I'm currently using the latest version of NMM and I haven't been able to figure out why it looks like most of my mods aren't working. I have SkyrimHD installed but the textures look like vanilla, follower mods are missing all of their textures so all I see are a floating head or floating eyeballs and a sword, and the game used to run perfectly before I updated from NMM 0.56.1. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of my mods, enbseries, skse, and I've even uninstalled the game itself along with it's .ini files and its folder under Steam. After reinstalling the game along with SKSE, enb, and all of my mods, the game is still not working properly. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this because I've been pretty frustrated because of the hours I've spent trying to solve this issue. If necessary, is there any way for me to revert to an old version of Nexus Mod Manager. Modding on Fallout 4 works fine but I haven't been able to get Skyrim to work properly.

in NMM, go to options, skyrim, and see if skyrim directory is correct

Sometimes when you update NMM it reinstalls all the mods and fucks up the installation order. You might have to go back and reinstall all your mods the way you want them.

Edit: You did that and it would help if I could read posts all the way through.

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The last couple of updates for me have broken my linking to SKSE. So make sure your correctly launching the SKSE and not skyrim.

I second checking the game directory, and for future reference dont update NMM unless if you are okay with completely redoing all your mods I only update when I'm doing a new play through.

The very first thing that you should do is open NMM, select the "plugins" tab and ensure that your plugins are enabled.

I had a similar issue with Fallout 4 and all my mods were disabled, I simply checked all the boxes and everything was right in the world.

This is my area of expertise and a good first post.

First you have updated to the v6+ multi profile system of NMM, which makes the old mods incompatible with the new version.
There is an option to migrate an existing setup, but it's not perfect and needs a little manipulation.

However the uninstall, reinstall has negated that option, so it's time to do it right this time.
First though it's possible to get another prior version of NMM, I will tell you now that isn't the issue you are having.

MY recommendation is stick with NMM for your working Fallout 4 game and switch to Mod Organizer for Skyrim.
It's a much better Mod Manager than NMM and much easier to use.

I'm not currently modding Skyrim, but spent 18 months as main Help and Support provider for Mod Organizer, so I'm biased, but do know what I'm doing with both managers, mainly MO of course.

Whichever Manager you use, never ever install ALL your mods in one go, you will make a mistake.
I'm a modding expert and can get away with doing that, if I'm very, very, lucky and I know all the pit falls.

for NMM v6+ watch these
Nexus Mod Manager: Beginner's Guide by Gopher
for Mod Organizer
Mod Organizer by Gopher

Strongly recommend this post is read as well, it even helped me refresh my memory of some core fundamentals.
Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

What I think you're doing, which we all do, is try to install all the mods in one go, because you "Know" what you're doing, Stick to a maximum of 5 small mods, and try running the game. That will, narrow down the mistakes to the last 5 installed, greatly increasing the chance of finding the problem mods.

Above all RTFM, which on installing mods means read the mods install instructions, 95% of issues are fixed by RTFMing the mod page, checking recent posts for new issues which can occur, mods updating can break other mods.

Use LOOT to sort the Load Order, and if the game loads it means the LO is one of many correct ones.
That gets LO 95% right, rest is your preferences, which you add with LOOT's Usar Editor.
If it doesn't load, then run TES5Edit (just select all mods) it will stop on the plugin that fails (Nice feature that).

Refreshing your basic knowledge with Gopher's original Skyrim guides can help, he's a bit long winded, but that's because the guides are targeting noobs. Try GamerPoets Videos if Gophers are to slow, GamerPoet moves much faster, but can quickly leave you behind, if you don't keep up.

Just take a deep breath, ignore Steam Workshop completely, and get all the mods form NexusMods and/or LoversLab (18+ XXX site, AdBlock is your friend).

Get help on Nexus Mods and STEP (Mod Organizer support, I made that move from Nexus, best thing ever for MO).

Sorry I can't give you a simple fix, but that's not easy with a fully modded and untested Skyrim.
The basic problem is likely incompatibilities, but it could be 1 or 100, individual issues.
I'm Uhuru N'Uru on all the sites (Variations of it) and use the same avatar as well.

Without more details this is the best advice I can give.

Just don't try to run too fast, one mod at a time for the larger ones, 5 maximum, then LOOT and run, get it loading the game, each time, and above all RTFM, RTFM, and RTFM again.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the suggestions. The Skyrim directory should be correct because I set it myself, all of the plugins are checked in the plugins tab in NMM, I went through the description settings of the mods I installed to check for known conflicts between mods and for changes that need to be made to the .ini files, and I of course used L00T to sort the load order. I suppose I'll run TES5Edit now and see if that does anything and possibly switch to Mod Organizer. If not, then I'll just have to do things the fun way and install mods one by one, checking the game to make sure they work. I suppose it's true that half of the fun lies in getting the game to run properly.

I have around 200+ mods on NMM and it keeps crashing and stuff. You almost have to have cleaned mod files and such and good load order. I'm been using Modmanger now and it's working good, only cons is if I add more mods or reduce a few I have to start a new game cuz it'll crash on load.