Skyrim Mod for more monsters and random encounters?

I decided to reinstall Skyrim after taking a break from hundreds of hours of, pretty much, Vanilla gameplay. I never really got into modding other than a few small mods here an there, nothing too game changing though. I decided to reinstall and I plan to mod the hell out of it. One big problem I had with Skyrim was the fact that there weren't enough monster types and random encounters with monsters while exploring. I figured maybe there was a mod or group of mods out there that could give me what I'm looking for? One thing I don't want though is monsters that are *insert opposite of lore-friendly here*. Basically I don't want dinosaurs and stuff like that. Figured this was as good of place as any to ask for help as I know how much Logan likes to mod Skyrim, lol.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!

P.S. if you know any other "must have" Skyrim mods, feel free to let me know! As I said, I'm fairly new to moding (though, I do know how to install mods pretty well).

If you're interested, here's my mod list (split up into two pics)...

^^For better viewing, right click and save those images to your desktop.

This is really helpful, thanks! ^.^