Skyrim CTD without any error message

Hey all, I've been trying to run Skyrim ever since I build my first gaming PC in July.  And every time after about maybe 10-20 minutes the game crashes for no reason at all. And I'm not using any mods at all. I've  uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried just about everything.

I only have about 8gb of RAM and I heard that if you go over the limit it will just stop working. I always run the game on ultra (since I get about 80fps). I've tried everything and I'm getting tired of it. I've got fallout New Vegas which does the exact same thing (maybe its a Bethesda problem) so if you guys can help me out I appreciate it.

That's odd. Is your computer fully up-to-date? Make sure all your drivers are updated. These things can cause instabilities. You especially want to update your GPU's drivers if you haven't already done so.

As DeusAres said update to the latest drivers, if problem persists, try beta drivers. Also do you run any other programs alongside Skyrim? Programs like MSI Afterburner aren't compatible with ENB's and there's always a chance it's an incompatibility.