Skyrim Crashing From Mods

After seeing logan and pistol play skyrim with all their mods, I took their skyrim mod list and got everything they had. Of couse I was expecting skyrim to crash here and there because of the significant amount of mods, but it seems like it crashes every 15-30 minutes. Sometimes though, I come to a part that keeps crashing and makes it so I can't continue on with the game. Example: Trying to re-enter dragons reach after I have retrieved the dragons stone.

My question to you guys is if there is a way to significantly reduce the amount of crashing, or if there is a way to find out what mod may be crashing the game?


Long way, disable them all then enable one by one. Weed out the crashy ones. Or if you can sort of think through which ones may be the cause, just get rid of them from there.

Do what deejeta says, but pay more attention to texture mods. Your GPU might struggle because of the VRAM demands. You also have a giant list of mods, and some of those mods might not play well together on specific occasions specifically on your system.

As for reducing crashes and improving stability. Try running the game in borderless windowed mode, it should help a little with stability. There's probably a mod somewhere that lets you do that, but I have personally used GameCompanion for borderless Skyrim.

Another "fix" might be this:

Alright, thanks for your guy's help.