SKYRIM : can't fully uninstall a mod


I installed this mod
And uninstall it, because I don't like the saddle textures. But funny thing is, they are still there, even after I uninstall it with NMM.
Can someone help me, pretty please ^^ ? I would like to get back the Vanilla saddle textures.

I even tried to delete all the files in data\textures\actors\horse, the saddle textures are still there....

There in game. or in the directory?

If its there in game it didn't work, if its in the directory you actually need to delete the mod by right clicking rather than just disabling it

I feel your pain I just deleted the original skyrim and fresh installed it. I want to check out Beyond Skyrim: Bruma be warned it is still buggy.

In game.

The mod has only one .esp file and I deleted it manually. When I saw it didn't work, I installed the mod again with NMM and uninstalled it (again with NMM). But I still have the saddle texture from the mod.
So I deleted all files in the horse textures directory, it was empty. The horses did go back to the vanilla texture, but not the saddles...

EDIT : I even tried to delete the horse directory in both textures and meshes, just out of curiosity and lauch my save. The horses look like shit, but the saddle textures are still there! :persevere:

Thanks ^^ I'll wait, for now I'll be happy to have the vanilla saddle textures back ^^

you can always completely uninstall and reinstall the game. when modding skyrim i like to keep a "clean" copy for this reason. not all mod authors know what they're doing.