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Skelterz' Cosplay Project? [Just Do It!]



Well not exactly what I had initially planned for my [Just Do It!] project but i just felt like doing it on a whim. I have absolutely no experience in costume making, my highest effort holloween costume was putting on a beat up jacket and gloves and telling people i was a hobo (elementary school). So with CRX (Crunchyroll Expo) less than a month away I started this Project.


Being king weeb (self proclaimed) around these parts it’s obviously going to be an anime cosplay, the source will be Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil)

Being too old, fat and male to cosplay a Teutonic loli magical girl I’ll for a standard Imperial Mage cosplay


CRX is Friday, August 30th so that is my deadline, come hell or high water.


The Base

I was able to source most of what i needed pretty quickly by picking up a Bundeswehr mechanic’s coveralls and el cheapo chest rig from Varusteleka (Finnish Surplus store). The rest was picked up at a local surplus store and amazon.

The Custom Stuff

To Do:

[ _ ] Leg armor/ flying unit
[ _ ] Imperial livery
[ _ ] lighting effects
[ _ ] Attach bag to chest rig
[ X ] make rigid insert for bag
[ _ ] ???

RIgid Bag Insert

Since i want to mount some stuff inside the bag and so it looks like it serves a purpose I want it filled out, so i made box out of acrylic and learned to plastic weld while i was at it

setting up and tacking everything in place, the welding tool is basically a soldering iron with an air hose attached to it if you’ve never seen one.

Some practice welds and real ones

Welding in action Warning: annoying hissing noises

The Final Product

What is left to do on the bag is attaching the lid to the top to keep it from falling in and mounting some lighting as well as reverse the orientation of the straps.


So far i’m thinking of EL wire, i was initially thinking of fiber optic lighting cable and a laser but it was getting too complicated and expensive so i decided on EL wire while writing this up. The top of the bag will also need a lit gem, we’ll see how this goes.


Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition




reserved desu



Looks like fun, I enjoyed the plastic welding tutorial as well.



Thanks, it was too loud and I’m too lazy to attempt any sort of proper tutorial. I’ll usually link whatever youtube video i use to learn whatever i’m doing but my father was teaching me while i was doing this.






Cool, I’ve never cosplayed but this makes me realize that it might be fun to make the costume itself.

Side note, I’m not sure why loli magical girl wasn’t your first choice! Kidding. Lets just hope that anyone that does happen to cosplay her does not share her personality…

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Just do it





Well that’s just horrifying



Woo, Haven’t done anything but get the Kydex and a few odds and ends, now is the time to watch all the cosplay tutorial videos, if anyone has any recommendations that would be awesome.

particularly leg armor tutorials as i only need to do one leg.

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What material are you planning to use for the leg armor?



Kydex, a thermoplastic

so far i’m watching a bunch of videos looking at different ways to attach said armor

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