SK Hynix P31... I'm afraid to open it

Wendell has praised this SSD for price to performance, but I just found something that could be legally risky on the packaging.

Opening it basically assumes you agree to their EULA, ToS and Arbitration agreement, like a Infomercial product. (Which most infomercial products cover themselves by waiving the right to sue)

…But I’m in Canada. I used a forwarding service to get this. That could prove interesting if any legal action is required.

SK Hynix has to come up with different packaging for non-US SKUs, right? This is basically to cover them in case someone hairtrigger sues them…

Are you for real?

If so, what does their terms of service say in their website for Canada?

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Like, arbitration can be on the docs for stuff sold here in the UK, it’s just not enforceable. Like void warranty stickers or what have you

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Have one in a cheap laptop… get over it

This is probably known to cause cancer in the state of california.

I wouldnt risk it man, best to send it back.


Somebody want to give me a TL;DR on whatever they want people to read?

My uneducated guess is that you basically can’t sue them for it blowing up your computer or nuking your data or something.

  • 5 year warranty shenanigans
  • not responsible for your data if it shits the bed
  • governed by california law
  • lawsuits are by arbitration only
  • no trial by jury or class actions unless otherwise allowed by law
  • any portion of the T&C that is illegal where you are may be ignored
  • T&C subject to change at any time without notice
  • T&C has final say over anything else said

seems like standard stuff to me.


Does not fly outside the US. Case closed. Move on.

Well that makes it easy. Crisis averted!


shit I missed the fine print at the bottom.

It says if you open the package you enter into a blood pact with the demon lord Baal. The only way to break the pact is to sacrifice the souls of the innocent and pure.


Damn, Not again…

This is what I was thinking…

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I’m going to close this down before anyone else can get their jokes in.

This is just a warranty void sticker with actual details written on it, nothing more.