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Sinks google fiber install journey

Welcome to sinks google fiber adventure i am documenting all the steps and the install. They have been laying fuber for about 3 months now and i was emailed today with the ability to order service (cutting 130$ from my bill to 70$ Fuck comcast)

I order service today and i chose the basic 1gb u/d there is 2gb but i didn’t see the need

I clicked added my phone number and payment info easily and selected my install date asap

I will have people come before the activation date to run the fiber from the street and install the “niu” its a ont

Then after that very soon a tech will arrive and turn on the provided free router (i have my own i will use)

Speed tests and latency and torrent download speed tests will be compared to the 500/100 comcast speed


Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 1.37.45 PM

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Good luck.

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$70 per month for GIGAinternet is pretty decent.

Around here i think the only provider of gigaspeeds charges around $150 per month for that

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Good luck to you, hopefully things will go pretty smoothly for you :wink:

I have a choice of Either Comcast or Century Link who advertises Gig Fiber but has not been installed in my area yet so why do they keep sending me flyers.

I’m staying with Comcast until a third or fourth provider comes into the area with some reasonable rates.

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Install day!

They killed the yard getting the cable in and dug some of the front garden all ok and known to happen.

Looks like the tech is also early as my appointment is in another hour

Will update in time

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Posting from fiber haha


High on the GIGAlife?

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gotta say its pretty nice 1g wired speed and getting 500m u/d wireless on my iphone xr

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pics or it didnt happen :wink:


So, full gig, huh?

Might have to move to SLC.

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Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 2.30.25 PM
from my iphone xr

directly plugged into the router

with settup done they said it would take a few hours to see full 1gig

the up and down is crazy

these numbers are after 5 tests each

came with two google wifi mesh routers to cover the house in signal i will be hardwired tho

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google is not the only one with fiber as well just the only ones here in holladay utah

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I’m so jealous!

They ran conduit in front of my house back on May. For the rich neighborhoods down the road from me. Supposedly they will be pulling fiber and I should be able to get it as well.
Right now I have CenturyLink DSL, 30/3 as my only option. :confused:

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I am moving to Arvada, CO next month and the apartment building I am moving into supposedly has Century Link 1Gbps symmetrical hookups. Very excited to be joining the club soon.