Single Ultrawide For Programming

Any of you use a single ultra wide instead of dual monitors? I want to go from a single 27" 1920x1080 to a curved 35" 3440x1440 instead of adding a second 27" monitor to my setup for space reasons.

I could fit two 27" on my desk and still have room for my PC off to the side without having to stuff it sideways behind the monitors, but I wouldn’t have room for my speakers. They’re tall (11.5" / 29.2cm), that’s 1.5" taller than my PC. :smile:

  • Thought about doing stacked duals, but just seems like the top monitor would be awkward to look up at with two 27’s.
  • Thought about buying something to hang the PC from the underside of the desk to fit two 27’s and my speakers, but figured even then the speakers would be so far left/right the stereo imaging may be a bit weird.
  • Thought about buying smaller speakers… but then I wondered about a single ultra wide 35.

Obviously going to a single 35 will be better than my current single 27, but I am aware that having two+ screens is nice. When I was in the office I had two 24’s.

I just want to have code on one side, website on the other. I realize I’m not getting the same effect as two 1920x screens with the single ultra wide, but I figure Visual Studio can take up a little more than half the screen, and the website a little less and it’d be fine. Primary use will be work (programming) and gaming. Had I not been WFH since January this would have been an easier decision because then the primary use would have just been gaming and I would not have hesitated for the ultrawide.

Thoughts? I think another pro of the single ultra wide, vs buying smaller speakers and running two 27’s, is when I’m gaming I don’t have to look off to the side to which ever monitor the game is on. The downside being I don’t have the same amount of space when I have Visual Studio and the browser open when working.

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I have never used an ultrawide for programming. But when I was working in the office (so long ago it seems) I used my preferred setup of a 43" 4K display.

I like using a single big screen. Windows let you easily drag windows into the corners and it will set it to 1/4th size. Or to the side for 1/2.

I guess, actually, it is two screens because the laptop display is still there although I don’t look at it much.

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Seems a very reasonable way to go.

But what I’m thinking of is: what about keeping the 1080 you have using it vertical and getting a 1440p monitor to use horizontally?
It should be as wide as one 34" ultrawide, especially since all the monitors now have super thin bazels.

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That crossed my mind as well, I just think I might notice the input lag/response time when gaming, coming from my current monitor that’s 1ms + 144hz + gysnc. Otherwise I think being able to chunk out the screen into 4 1080p sections would be handy sometimes.

I did consider running my current monitor vertical, but it’s a TN panel with noticeable color shift when doing that.

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that sounds very doable and pleasant

you can adjust the size of your code editor in one area of the monitor and the website on another

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+1 for the single ultrawide
PowerToys allows for some nice window tiling and snapping (if on Windows)


Definitely is. I use it on my other PC for custom tiling.


Fair enough, I didn’t know that.

Can’t wait to see you posting on here!

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I used to do this with a 34" ultrawide. The main reason I switched back to 2x27 is that I couldn’t use Win+Arrow key for more than two windows (left and right) and Win + Arrow key only allows a 50:50 split, so I couldn’t do say 70% IDE, 30% web browser.

With 2x27, Win + Arrow gives me 4 possibilities.

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I think I need to expand down into 34" ultrawide. Originally I was wanting 35 because I thought that would be the equivalent in height as my 27, but 34’s are the same height as my 27, with 35’s being just bit taller.

That gives me a lot more options to choose from. :smile:


Moving to an UW, was fairly painless procedure [(2)1680x1050s --> (1) 2560x1080]. MUCH Tidier!?

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Look into PowerToys. This nifty software allows for more zones. It also has the Win + arrow override. I sound like a shill

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And not just more zones, but zones you define; whatever size and number of them you need. It works pretty well, but I have had it reset to my non-custom-defined zones after a reboot recently.

I bought a single LC34J791WTUXEN with exactly the same thinking as you…

Long story short … I now have two of those :wink:
I could probably survive on single 49 Oddysey G9 as it seems to be way wider.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s only 34 inch monitor and one could get used to it but it feels a bit like two very tall monitors next to each other which are very tall so that space isnt really used. 35inch might be a bit better

Yes, the 49 I believe is the same as two 1440p 27" side by side. I think the biggest downside to that monitor is the QC, ‘stretching’ in some games when running at that aspect ratio, and having HUD elements way off to the side.

I’m hoping since I’ve spent all year on a single 1080p monitor for work, that the 1440p ultra wide will be a nice improvement and allow me me to accomplish what I want, even if not perfectly. I don’t doubt the chance I’ll end up in the same boat as you though.

I’m leaning heavily towards this option for the time being, and maybe if it doesn’t work out… the 38" 3840x1600 seems very appealing. Price is too high for me right now though unless I decide to dump a little BTC to soften the blow. However, maybe those will come down a bit by the time I feel the 34" 3440x1440p isn’t cutting it anymore.

There are sub $1k 3840x1600 monitors, but they seem to be 60 or 75hz refresh rates. 144hz would obviously be ideal. Understanding that my GPU can’t push that today, but I usually keep monitors for a while, so my future GPU upgrades during my ownership of the monitor would probably get to a point of having no issue running past 75hz at that resolution.

I could probably get by with a single 34" 3440x1440p but i usually end up searching for my windows and I want moar :wink:
I guess tiling window manager would help with my window discipline on single monitor.

I am using a 29" 21:9 monitor (and a 16:9 by the side).

Depending on IDE/editor, you can get three columns of code side by side.

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some of these ultrawide monitors can be used as two monitors but i want to point out that for gaming going beyond 16:10 will usually give you a bad time.
From my own experience games will usually give you slightly more view angle and then stretch that small piece of extra real estate over a longer area, It looks horrible and messes with your coordination.
And for some games like league where you want to move your camera by moving your mouse to the border you don’t want a much wider game client.
And alot of games scale by width and will cut the top and bottom of your game, So you are left with this weird wide middle of the screen view.
But you could ofc just do window mode or run your ulitrawide in the pre mentioned dual screen config and play on half of it.

PS: I don’t think you will regret investing in a good monitor i would even claim it is more important then a good chair.

I have a ASUS VG289Q it’s 28" 3840x2160 and I use it without scaling it gives me plenty of workspace and the font detail is great to look at. It’s not great if you play FPS games because it’s only 60hz but it’s $329 on amazon and an IPS.

I don’t think it’s the case right now, it’s probably because OP switched to home office

I agree with the first one, but kinda disagree on the second

it’s easier to live with a simple 1080p monitor than a wooden dining chair as office chair