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Single slot GPU with HEVC / H.265 encoder

Hi Gang,

What’s your favorite for a single slot GPU that supports h.265 hardware accelerated encoding?

Host OS will be Linux, mainly running as a server

I have a wx5100. I haven’t used it for streaming but it shouldn’t be a problem. No issues in recent Linux kernels.

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Inno3D makes a single slot 1050ti

There are a bunch of 1030 GT’s apparently they don’t have the hardware…

And if you like expensive blue things, the WX2100 up to WX7100 are single slot.

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Spec sheet from nvidia.


Lots of options. I looked for the Inno3D card, seems to be discontinued, or at least not a lot of stock out there? The katana looks cool but too much $$$

Interesting about the lower end Quadro Pxxx cards, I think I’ve seen some in the single slot format.

Dell has a WX5100 for $299 right now, cheaper than a used card from eBay.

Think all quadro cards below 4000 are single slot.

P400 is the cheapest single slot quadro with NVENC

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Grabbed one off fleabay for 70 bux. I will plug it into a x1 slot and see what it does crunching on hevc video.

How did this turn out for you? I’m interested in one myself.

The 2nd hand Quadro p400 works great, with one small inconvenience.

The bios prefers it, despite it being in an x4 2.0 slot and my main card being in slot 1 x16. Once the OS boots, the main card takes over again.

So black screen during boot up, and I have to disconnect it to get in the bios, but meh not the worst things to deal with.

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Yeah, that’s when you get a Gigabyte mobo because Gigabyte mobos allow you to choose.

Turing NVENC is better, so maybe a Turing non-RTX quadro would be worth buying, (make sure it’s TU116 though, cause TU117 might use non Turing NVENC) once it starts to exist. Currently the lowest Turing Quadro is the Quadro RTX 4000, which is WAY too expensive.

When you do get to the point of encoding, don’t forget to look into settings to increase compression. Part of ffmpeg advanced settings. Otherwise, quality will be nice, but files might be huge, compared to how it’ll be if you tinker some with settings. Nvenc is configured for speed as default.

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