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Single slot GPU with HEVC / H.265 encoder

Hi Gang,

What’s your favorite for a single slot GPU that supports h.265 hardware accelerated encoding?

Host OS will be Linux, mainly running as a server

I have a wx5100. I haven’t used it for streaming but it shouldn’t be a problem. No issues in recent Linux kernels.

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Inno3D makes a single slot 1050ti

There are a bunch of 1030 GT’s apparently they don’t have the hardware…

And if you like expensive blue things, the WX2100 up to WX7100 are single slot.

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Spec sheet from nvidia.


Lots of options. I looked for the Inno3D card, seems to be discontinued, or at least not a lot of stock out there? The katana looks cool but too much $$$

Interesting about the lower end Quadro Pxxx cards, I think I’ve seen some in the single slot format.

Dell has a WX5100 for $299 right now, cheaper than a used card from eBay.

Think all quadro cards below 4000 are single slot.

P400 is the cheapest single slot quadro with NVENC

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Grabbed one off fleabay for 70 bux. I will plug it into a x1 slot and see what it does crunching on hevc video.