Single player Game?

whats up raze? So I'm moving in to a new apartment tomorrow and seeing as I now dont have a job and had to sell my car I have no where to be, and cant go anywhere at that. Also I have to wait a week for Verizon to ship me a router and activate my internet, so I'm stuck in a small apartment by myself for a week with no internet, u can see the problem I guess?

sooo if you were in my shoes what single player games would you be playing to keep yourself sane?

Minecraft, Assassins Creed, Fallout, FarCry.

Just to name a few.

o man I could totally get down on some fallout, dont actually have minecraft or assasins creed, I didnt care to much for Farcry 2, was 1 any good?

Dang sounds like you are in some ruff times =/...

A good final fantasy game might tie you over for a while. Maybe re-play final fantasy seven, if you've already played it lol.

If you haven't played it you should do it asap!

Fallout: New Vegas. I put an easy 40 hours into it.

I think I have it still...I know I have 1 2 and 6 cuz I just packed them. Good idea, would consume quite alot of time

AKIMbO said:

Fallout: New Vegas. I put an easy 40 hours into it.

Only fallout game I dont have :(

also does anyone else have problems with fallout 3 crashing? If so maybe someone has a solution I havnt already tried?

I recommend playing Deus Ex...if you have it that is.

ahh good one, it would be nice to replay it before human revolution comes out

caesar 3, zeus, any of the civs, anno 1602, age of wonders or any other turned based... there are tonnes of games :)

RTS fan I take it? might give the caesar games a try as I never actually played them before,plus it looks kinda like AoE1, and AoE1 is da best

oh its turn based, cool that works to

Man, the caesar game is so bad :D Used to play it, I dont really know why.. Got it cheap "soldout box" lol.

Bioshock 1 and 2

Batman Arkham Asylum


I don't reccomend Far Cry 2.. It's cool in the beggining, but it's so damn repetive

if you want you could get an emulator and grab some sega megadrive rpg games, some i played were good and some i dont know why i used to play: buck rogers countdown to doomsday, shadowrun, shining force 2 etc...

edit: the awesome thing about playing buck rogers and shining force 2 on a pc is the ability to quicksave. for buck rogers the early stage is annoying as you start off with a party that is weak ass, but later on when you kit out your crew and the fights get intense (opponents also scale well), every healing and move becomes important, this goes for shining force 2 as well. these 2 are gems i recommend :)

campy as hell, but fun


Or just..

Fallout 1, 2, New Vegas and Just Cause 2.

half-life series, deus ex

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