Single Channel or Dual Channel Memory for APU?

Hello and good day.

I am currently on a dilemma on what since I'm on a very tight budget. I've already got a motherboard which is a Gigabyte F2A85X D3H motherboard. The only thing I'm lacking now is a processor and a memory module.


I have two choices:

1.) Go for A10-5800k and get a 4gb single stick 2133mhz CL9 RAM.

2.) Go for A8-5600k and get 2 sticks of 4gb 2133mhz RAM.


Since APUs rely on the speed of the memory, I'm also confused whether single or dual channel is better.

Thanks for your guidance!

It also benefits from the more memory it has available. If you can get another stick down the road i'd say do the A10 if not just do the A8 with the 2 sticks.