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Sinden Lightgun (LCD Lightgun)


Really considering buying this, would be cool to play these games at home

Ill post an update if i get it this year like it claims (Possible $130 mistake)



“it uses 60 fps camera because really 30 fps is too fast for the human eye” Oh man could of just said that is a good mix of price and low delay.

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That made me sad, but the tech and the dude seem legit

I wonder if those older games are fps locked

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Yeah looks good otherwise. This is the only thing I had a gripe with and it’s nothing about the product itself.

Pretty sure they are.

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I’ve been wanting something like this for so long. An entire genre of game has basically died because of inaccurate light guns.

TweakBox Nox Tutuapp

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I’m just pumped to be able to play light gun games at the house. VR would be an option in the future, but hoenestly the classics are good enough and allow it to be way more casual



Awesome I like this.

…but where can it be used. I have not looked at the kick starter link yet. Like only emulators? I am watching the video now.

It would be amazing if the likes of Capcom got on this and made a new time crisis.

I also had a lot of fun playing Die Hard 2 with my light gun on a ps1. Still have the gun and game and even ps1 and 2 , but no more CRT…

Edit: oh wow I just heard the 60fps bit… What a twat.

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yeah 60fps thing was special, but is plenty of refresh as this is mainly aimed at TVs and games of the time were not faster then that probably. Emulators is the main place you would want it anyway.