Simple Pong made in Java

If anyone wants to see the code for a simple Pong game made in java, here is the pastebin for my code:

This is my first game, and my first 'big' program I have really finished to some extent. I may not have followed conventions in some areas, if so please let me know, I aim to fix anything the next time I make something.

If anyone is having trouble getting their first game to work in Java, I may be able to help with some errors/problems because I had quite a few while trying to get the basics of rendering down.

Also the game loop sucks in this, it may run weirdly slow or fast on your computer depending on its speed.

Congrats! Its always awesome to finish your first game or program that you actually put any real work into.

Very nice! If you're looking into continuing writing game code in Java, you should check out LWJGL
The older version LWJGL (2.9.1) is here and is a bit easier to get started with.
I'll be sure to post some code in this subform if you or anyone else is interested in using LWJGL!

You should totally make one in Love 2D/Lua

And potentially write up a tutorial for it, that system could use some more support, it's pretty nice, I've done the SHMUP tutorial in it.

now I'm just getting Could not find or load main class

  1. line 17 and 18 don't do anything if you set realizable to false as you did on line 19 so I'm pretty sure you can just delete them.
  2. a fun project to improve this would be to write a Vector2D class and then handle collisions that way, its a fun learning experience assuming you've gone over vectors in precalc or physics, if not, google is your friend.

Thank you guys for your feedback! I definitely will continue making games, however, I haven't been able to grasp a game loop yet. The game loop I used in my pong game is absolutely awful. Every time I have googled a loop I haven't understood the creator's explanation of it.

I am definitely interested!!! I was going to use it for my pong game, but I wanted to see if I could do everything without a library, turns out I can!

For sure you can! I'll be finishing up some code today, and later tonight if you want to tune in and just say its you, I'll go over some of the starting points for LWJGL on stream. If not I'll be posting in the subforum with updates for smaller tutorials and whatnot!