Simple java method question

Here is my code:


public class Project1mrybak3


public static void main (String[] args)


System.out.println("Begin Java Exection");


// put your Java Program here

//choose picture

String picfile = FileChooser.pickAFile();

Picture pic = new Picture(picfile);


//Create turtle 1

Turtle t1 = new Turtle (pic);


//Create turtle 2

Turtle t2 = new Turtle (pic);


//show picture;



System.out.println("End Java Exection");

}//end of main class


public static void flower (Turtle tparam, int x )





public static void flowers ()





} // end of Template class


So as you can tell, it doesn't make much sense but I have just started writing it. My question is, for the last method "flowers", when i try to run it, it says that it cannot find the symbol variable t1. 
Can I not put methods inside of methods?

Ultimately my goal is to create about 4 methods to draw parts of the flower, then put them all inside of one method, then inside my main code, I can call that method with turtle t1 and some x variable.

Thank you for any help and your time! Long live the Tek! 

cant use the variable twice?

Please use pastebin instead of trying to paste it with bare text. It really is much harder to read this way. 

The real question is why are you attempting to call a function, to call a function? Its faster in code to just call it with the function's variables instead. Or, make the function not need parameters and use the already inherited variables. Its a bit like telling a person, to tell someone to do something. Its faster if you just tell the person what to do yourself.

When it comes to using your variable, you're creating and defining it completely within the main void. Which is considered a local variable instead of global. If you define it just as static Turtle t1; right after you define the class, it becomes a global. Thus able to be used by the class as a whole instead of just the one function it is local to.