Simple cpu cooling question

Is AMDs new "wrath" cooler any good? I've had experience with the older ones and I really didn't like them. Also, is it as loud as the old ones?

I'm doing a budget build for a friend and I'm wondering if it's worth it to buy sonething like the hyper 212...

Thanks y'all for any help!

well, there are about 10 trillion videos on Youtube and articles online, stating it's way better than any other box cooler out there.
Still, if your goal is overclock, i rather go with some aftermarket cooler, be it just 212 Evo or something.

It's a lot better than the small and super noisy ones that AMD used to have bundled.

I would probably be fine with it unless the build consists of an 8 core fx.


Yeah, thats good although I am using an FX 8320...

I'd probably pick up a Hyper 212.

Alternatively you could just install the wraith cooler and see if it's satisfactory. If not, then pick up a Hyper 212.

i hear the wrath is good, and it looks good. it actually has copper heat pipes. i have not tried it out, and the 212 has a bigger fan and block so it should do better. however if you just want to set it and forget it and not oc hard or spend a lot of money the wraith is more then adequate imo.

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When I was fiddling around with the FM2+ platform, I bought an Athlon x4 880K which came with the Wraith cooler. It works surprisingly well, and can perform roughly on par with the Hyper 212 EVO - although you need to have the RPMs up high to do that. At that point, you do hear the noise, which may bother you depending on how quiet you like your systems. Is it very invasive? No. Is it a ~90mm fan spinning upwards of 3000 RPM? Yes.

It's good enough to keep the 8 core cool, granted OC headroom would be limited but it keeps temps within the acceptable range while staying quiet.

If your thinking of the old phenom chips everything is wayyyy better.
The 8320 comes with a nice heatpipe cooler that looks like a baby wraith cooler. The 8320e comes with an upgraded aluminum cooler and improved fan. On my 8320e I used it for 6 months and was happy with it but I have 50% hearing loss.
Really good article that can help.