Simple, cheap, flash storage

I have a dillemma of choices and need a second opinion.

I am trying to decide between buying storage as I need it, as I have been, or standardizing to easily adaptable flash storage, I’m thinking msata and we’ll get to why in a sec.

So basically rn I need some better storage options in a few things, namely an xbox and a couple laptops. Now, I could go and buy whatever storage mediums are appropriate, or what I was thinking was getting msata drives, which tend to be a little cheaper, and adapting them to whatever machines. That way I could just buy msata drives and adapt them to almost anything. Hell my ipod has msata.

Would you guys do this? I mean its an ssd one way or another, my whole point here is just for convenience. I can find msata cheap and easy, and if everything I need msata for has an adapter, xbox, powerbook, sun station, etc, all I need are drives that work. Vs having to futz around with old storage or having to futz around looking for a new drive when I have none and having to wait 4 days or whatever.

What do you think?

So you want to buy storage and shelve it?

I want to buy storage that I won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on in order to upgrade my shit. I’m just wondering if going this route is any better economically. 256gb msata costs me like 28 bucks local, 35 online. Adapters are 8 bucks a pop, whether sata, pata, ide, or scsi.

So, for instance, I want to upgrade storage in 2 pata laptops, right. I could screw around with hard drives, or msata adaptors.

Also msata is retardedly cheap vs sata because end of the world happening.

Looks like the more versatile and cheap solution for you is using mSATA drives so I’d just go with them. Also if you get them in different storage size you can even shuffle them around if you need more storage on a device and less on another one.

Another thing that popped into my mind when I was reading are micro SD to SATA adapters. Those are the most getto PC thing I can imagine doing realistically, but they might even make sense for some of your applications. They won’t give you better performance compared to the default storage those devices were using thou (for example a PATA drive). But if you can get a micro SD A1 or A2 that’s cheaper than an mSATA drive I think you should consider it (A class it’s about IOPS in micro SD cards).

You know I tried wording that about 4 times and gave up.

Ah, yes, I had that thought. However I even bought one of THE BEST micro SD cards on the market for my phone and it died after a year. No bueno. Tis also why I went msata in my ipod XDDD

I can’t realistically see a use for anything like that other than like a JBOD adapter for a PSP or an ipod.

Eh, maybe. Msata is more resilient though. Sure for like my amiga an SD card can handle that amount of iops and not get any burnout, but for like my powerbook or even an icaros machine it’ll just get thrashed over night.

Really I wanted to make sure I wasn’t like overlooking something serious like, oh IDK, used / old stock SSD’s from like 2012 or something that are on ebay or whatever. Or if someone would say to just use hard drives and have a compelling argument. They are pretty cheap. 2TB Iron Wolf laptop size drive for 75 bucks. I’m still considering that, but the read speed will be barf.

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That’s absolutely true. And if you get the high resiliance SD cards you’re basically getting around the 30$ price and they’re not as fast as other cards so it’s not worth.
But I have an SD I used in my audio recorder and I think I wrote surely 500-600GB to it and it’s still doing fine. So maybe for a less demanding device might work. But at that point it’s not worth getting different storage devices.

Where I live the used tech market is as dead as it can be so I can’t suggest regarding that.
Also why would you use 2TB Iron Wolf drives? I don’t know how you gonna use that storage but I don’t think the tradeoff between speed and size is worth. Maybe if you use your Xbox as a media center it might be worth.

Eh… Good point. I used to be standardized on my hardware. I don’t really have that anymore. IDEK what drive size I should standardize on yet.

Embrace your rebellious phase and just buy whatever storage inspires you!

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Probably just have a few extra on hand as your “bench stock” keep and eye for used deals on ebay etc. So maybe 1 Sata ssd, 1 msata and call it a day

Sound reasonable, the only downside I can see right now is when msata becomes rare and expensive. So stock up if needed and that should be fine

I don,t really see that happening any time soon as businesses like schools and factories still use msata. It’ll be a while.

Alright thanks all.

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