SimCity Server Wait Times?

I loved SimCity 4 and figured "Well why not get the better version!" Didn't look at the constant internet connection required, the DRM, or the 24/7 server connection required to play.


Didn't matter at first. Got the game, dowloaded it in Origin (ewww), download was quick and the launcher opened. Connected to a server, patched and restarted, then reconnected to a server and checked for updates. Didn't give it a thought really, just imagined the connection would exit once there were no updates available. Got in the game and built my city, played for an hour and a half and got off to eat dinner.


THEN I TRIED TO GET BACK ON. Checked for updates, connected to a server, and was told there was a queue.

It's been two hours.


Is this the direction gaming is going? It's irritating that a great single player NO INTERNET CONNECTION EVER game (4) got nuked by EA and the resulting radioactive mutant now takes two hours to play, even if you don't want to play with others. I dont have any friends with the game yet, so there is absolutely no point for me to be connected to a server. If this is where everything is headed I vote we group together and, under the leadership of Logan, storm EA headquarters with pitchforks and torches.


(I EVEN BOUGHT THE FREAKING DELUXE VERSION!!!! Shouldn't that at least get me a boost in the line??? And should people that preordered and waited like a month to get it be first???? I didn't preorder but I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if I did and couldn't play because EA half assed their server infrastructure!)

And never again will you buy an EA product day 1 again. This is typical EA. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt and if everything went smoothly automatic game of the year. But alas EA is just a bunch of ape like knuckle KB bashing idiots when it comes to server management. No surprize here. Move along nothing to see here

I just plain don't buy anything with "EA" on the front of it.  I've been burned too many times, and they are really the WORST company I've had to deal with for technical support or customer service.