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SilverStone Grandia GD07 120mm AIO Support

Hi guys, I’m going to do a build based on the SilverStone Grandia GD07 HTPC case with a 3950x Asrock Taichi x570 board but I’m stuck on coolers… It only excepts 138mm and under so i looked at Noctua coolers etc but none will probably handle an overclocked 3950x? So I found a Thermaltake Water 3.0 120mm ARGB but can’t find any info if it will fit? Looks like all these builds were done many years ago most use smaller air coolers but low power processors. I prefer to use air cooling but I don’t think any 138mm under coolers will do the job? Any recomendation would be great, I’m moving away from a Thermaltake View 71 and all that RGB jazz just sick of it then I saw the Silverstone case. I want it to fit under my monitor all I want on my desk is my Xbone and PC. Also I need at least 4x 3.5" bays and 2x SSD bays and want to install as many fans as possible. It is to be noted I own one of the worst 2080Ti’s the EVGA Black which runs hot AF in my View 71 case. Thanks in advance.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think you really need a 280mm aio for the 3950X

It outputs just too much heat for a 120mm aio
You can get a 240 or 360 aio, but it might manage better I’d you went custom loop
I found this thread for water cooling in this case, he did a custom loop but I’m sure it’ll help you for aio

I think it might go better if the rad is intake


There really isn’t many options for cooling in these cases sadly:( I stay away from loops now, I just wanted a smaller build with drive support, I did find that thread but as it doesn’t pertain to my requirements I skipped it. Thanks mate.

If you really want that many cores in the box and are pressed for cooling, you could just underclock the CPU?

A 3950X at say 3.6Ghz max is still going to be a monster, and the heat will be far less at lower max clocks (and as heat scales kinda exponentially with clock, you probably don’t need to drop TOO far below 4.0 to get a big cooling win)

If you don’t need the threads though you’d be better going for something smaller and easier to cool.

I play allot of Games so I would prefer to keep the 3950x running as fast as possible, I’m looking through cases again now none really fit what I want… Maybe a 3900x? Or 3800x? With the Wrait stock cooler?

Maybe some long tubes and run the radiator under your desk :smiley:

I have this case too somewhere, easiest way i can think of is making some holes in the top cover and mounting it there. No room for one at the fan intakes as you’ve probably seen.

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Riotvan, so it won’t support a 120mm aio? :frowning:

I need something small but that can accomodate 4x 3.5’ drives and 2x SSD’s but also has good airflow, can’t find anything:(

Well it might fit near the psu but i don’t think so and even if it did it’s not enough for the 3950X. Maybe if you limit the tdp to 65W in the bios. But easiest is get a dremel and a drill and make some holes in the top. I reckon a 280 would fit then, the case should be deep enough.

Yeah the drive cage would have to go in this case for the cooler to fit.

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Damn… I really liked the Silverstone case… I’ll have to keep looking I can’t find anything that suits what I want. Thankyou for helping me out mate I appreciate it.

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No worries, maybe the Define S from Fractal? Support 3 hdd and 2 ssd officially but i’m sure you can stick another hdd somewhere. Also big radiator support at the top. It’s a bit flimsy though. I have one myself and it’s a bit tin can like. Functional otherwise.

I have an R6 and View 71 one now one system is a workstaion based on Threadripper the other is an 8700k Gaming rig I wanted to get rid of both and move to one system for Games and editing and I wanted to make it small enough to fit under my monitor just to give you some more context into what I was trying to do.

Alright yeah. Yeah can’t think of other cases that would fit your needs, maybe one of those desk cases? Expensive though.

Yea I looked at them $3000 here… I just found this

Oh crap its ITX nevermind…

Hmm there are some X570 itx boards but yeah, idk otherwise.

Its either a large case with the extra drives or a small af case with no storage support… There’s nothing inbetween sadly:( Thanks for all your reply’s guys.

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I ended up getting a Silverstone GD08 for $50AUD off a site here its in great condition, I’m going to mod it and put the rad on the outside with fans inside I’ll upload some pics soon. This is going to be fun!

Thinking to cut that part out with a dremel thoughts?