Silly moments at a automotive service center

this post is not made to offend anyone,
it was made from a conversation with a co-worker.***

today my co-worker was showing my a discussion with this girlfriend.

Her - "i'm tired of spending money on this car"
Her - "everytime i turn around i have to buy something."

Him - "what is wrong with it"

Her - "i need to get a 710 cap"

Him - "710 what?"

Her - "i don't know i was told i need a 710 cap"

Him - "i have no clue what your talking about........"

Her - "one second, i will text you a picture of it."

haha lol.

On the subject of upside-down / car jokes:

"Why should I have to get gas from Houston?"

"Houston? What?"

"I asked a guy what the cheapest place in town was to get gas, and he said Houston."

"What did he say exactly?"