Silly Battlefield 3 video - Shadowplay test

I was playing with Shadowplay and Sony Vegas, this is the result. I wanted to see what the quality was like compared to OBS, and i wanted to make a silly video, watch if you want. :)

What are the specs of the PC you recorded this on?

  • CPU - Intel Core i7 2600k 
  • Motherboard - MSI H77MA-G43 
  • RAM - Corsair Vengeance LP 8Gb 1600Mhz 
  • GPU - Asus GTX 660Ti 2Gb DCII 
  • Case - Cooler Master 430 Elite 
  • Storage - Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200rpm and Kingston HyperX 3K 120Gb SSD as boot drive 
  • PSU - Silver Power 500w 80+ Bronze

At least to me, it would seem it would be better to record with OBS since you have a great CPU and a mid-range GPU. But I might be wrong, as I've yet to use shadowplay at all.

The problem is that i don't have a CPU-cooler at the moment, other than the stock intel. So when i record with OBS my CPU ramps up to 80C. When i install my 212 evo i will use OBS more. The fps dips in shadowplay are worse than OBS, but the average FPS-hit is about the same as OBS.

I can definitely say the 212 evo is a good cooler. I have one, put two Corsair SP 120s on it for push/pull, and my overclocked 3570k only hits 70C under extreme stress (like prime95)

Good to hear. I was wondering about fans. Should i put my Silverstone Air Penetrator on the 212 and use the one that came with the 212 as exhaust? I think the Air Penetrator would be better at cooling the CPU, but i still need an exhaust.

I think it would be good. However if you really want a lot of cooling power, I'd put two fans on it.

Alright, gotcha. :)

just got a 750 ti and have also been playing with shadowplay, i have an intel core 2 duo at 3Ghz and 4 gigs of ram, despite my cpu not being officially supported i can do game capture at full quality with no performance hit, so im really happy with it, also i cant believe the rest of my system is keeping up with most modern games at medium high to high with 30+ fps , im definitely ready for a motherboard cpu and ram upgrade though lol 

Nice to hear! :)