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Silent case with good airflow and Noctua 140mm fans for 3950x

I am researching a silent case that still has good airflow and thermal capabilities. For now I have narrowed it down to a Fractal Design Define C or Meshify C. I first looked at Bequiet but it’s not great.

I am concerned about reports of bad air quality caused by the sound dampening mats inside the Define cases. Fractal Design wont respond about that or what material it is. If it’s Bitumen that is a cause for concern, I don’t want that.

Do you think a Meshify C might be better with Noctua 140mm fans and air coolers. And add some vibration foam mats inside ? And make any other mods possible, rubber washers etc.

I have literally never heard of this before. Is the material off-gassing or something?

Depends on what you call “silent” and what uses you will give to the PC. I mean, you can go passive cooling or just not use the PC so little to no active cooling is needed.
Joke, but a PC will be “silent” depending on the noise you are willing to tolerate. Bequiet cases are fine for PCs running stock configurations and not so demanding workloads. The problem with those is when people start overclocking and expect their PCs to remain cool while “silent”. The Meshify C is one of the better ones in terms of thermals. Phanteks cases are also good in terms of thermals/noise and tend to come with rather good stock fans compared to other cases.
And I wouldn’t spend too much on fans, especially going for Noctuas.

With heat it sounds like there is off-gassing. That is a problem for me.

Source? This is the first I am hearing about it. I own a define r5, and I have never smelled anything from sound dampening material.

OK not a problem. I’m not a serious overclocker so it will be stock 3950X. It sounds like a Meshify C with specific fan configurations might be a good trade off. And get Noctua replacing the stock ones if needed. I think anything over 38dba is bad but there is vibration issues etc also. Its for day job development work and music not just gaming the plan.

Regards to Bequiet , maybe the reviewers should not be so focused on overclocking, and more standard use, certainly offputting trying to find the right case ! nearly all the closed off front cases reviewed and being rated poorly because of their test configuration perhaps ?

I like the Meshify C design and think I can make it work. It will be going into a cabinet also.

It was one comment. Would be hard to find it. Are the mats a foam material or bitumen ?

I believe they are bitumen. They certainly aren’t foam.

I may still opt for a Define C with TG. It’s $30 cheaper than what I can get the Meshify for here. Still deciding. I think I can get case acoustic mats and modify the Meshify myself to reduce vibration noise somewhat similar to whats inside the R5.