Silent Case Fans

At the moment, I'm using the stock PHANTOM NZXT fans. They aren't that loud during idle, but are noticeable. The case is not next to me. When I play a game such as ARMA 3, the fans kick into a hurricane. My case isn't even maxed out with fans yet.


So I am wondering, should I get silent fans and max out the case with them? WIch ones if so? I need the below sizes and a reasonable price. 7 fans in total.

2 x 120mm Side Fans (included)

1 x 120mm Rear Fan (included)
1 x 140mm Front Fan (optional)
1 x 200 / 230mm Side Fan (optional)

1 x Blue LED 200mm Top Fan (included)

1 x 200mm Top Fan (optional)

I recommend to get some of these fans

they are designed to make no noise because they have rubber gomits to not transfer vibrations to you beautiful nzxt phantom case and they make you case look better i think you should see a review of this product : 



+1 for Corsair AF series fans. I love mine; very silent, even at full load. For larger fans, I really like Silverstone Air Penetrator fans, especially their 180mm AP. There aren't any good 200mm fans.


Cougar Vortex fans are also fantastic, especially for the price.

linus swears by the noctuas i would check out those

^ I have the A & F series fans in my case. Amazing. Pricey & ugly, but they are worth every penny IMO. I don't think they make a 200 mm though....