Silent and Cool AMD Build/Upgrade

My PC:

  • CPU: AMD FX-8320 @4.3GHz, 1.4000V
  • CPUCPhanteks PH-TC12DX
  • GPUASUS ROG 5870 Matrix
  • RAMCorsair Dominator GT 6GB (3x2GB) @1600MHz 
  • MoBoASRock 990FX Extreme3
  • SSD&HDDIrrelevant
  • PSUSilver Stone Strider Gold Evolution, 850W, 80+Gold
  • Case: NZXT S340

For the past two years, I have bought and acquired all the parts in the PC above. But is still needs work, so I want your feed back. The GPU and cooling needs a complete overhaul, I need more than double the graphical compute power and my entire system to be silent while on idle, keeping in mind it is a white and black themed build and I'm an AMD fanboy.

My idea, as far as upgrades go. For the GPU: Sapphire Tri/Vapor X R9 XXX

Case lined on every spare inch with noise dampening foam.

For the CPU, some form of AIO (preferably NZXT)

Case and rad fans, I need quite, high airflow black/white/Black&White fans.


Anyone got some other thoughts?


NZXT x31 or x41 is a good choice. I think the H100i is fine too. Vapor X R9 290 is a nice card. You could go with the Corsair Silent pwm fans.,

Sapphire Tri-X 8GB 290X that Logan just reviewed. Nice and quiet and having extra GDDR5 doesnt hurt,.

In my experience the GPU always produces the most noise. So maybe buy a reference card and use the money you save on a 3rd party cooler? I have the Raijintek Morpheus installed on my gtx770, it is silent at idle (by silent i mean the hard drive makes more noise) and at full load it is barely noticeable. It will of course depend on the fans you mount on it.

I use a PWM fan adapter for the GPU fan power out (link below) which connects to a PWM y-splitter and the two PWM fans are connected to this. That way you can control the fan speed from MSI afterburner or similar.