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Signs of Failing Display?

I feel I’ve let to much time slip by dealing with failing displays. I’ve dealt with many generic non-php monitor in windows and lowest resolutions on both windows and linux with monitors.

It always starts with hdmi and then trickles down to dvi and vga. I’ve had one display declared dead. All the displays I’ve dealt with are well over 8 plus years old so life long lived.

My thought is that when your hdmi starts failing unless it’s a young monitor isn’t it just likely the display is nearing end of life?
When you look online people just discuss troubleshooting, but in my past I’ve found this a waste of time as it feels like beating a dead horse. Getting the display to work through dvi or lucking out with hdmi only to have it fail a month later and rinse repeat for a few months tell the display finally dies completely.

My thought going forward is when ports to a monitor stop working. Check on multiple PC and OS. If the problem persists, recycle the display, get a new one if you need it and call it a day.

Am I wrong for thinking this?

Never had a display die… Have seen dead displays… Have had pixels die on LCD’s… Maybe open it up and see if its full of dust. Oh… I have had CFL back lights fail or dim over time. Have not had a problem with LED.

Same for me. Eventually with the very first LCD I bought the backlight got so weak, it was too dim to bother with. The size and resolution were so low it wasn’t worth the effort to replace the tube.

If this has happened to multiple displays for you, I would suspect something wrong with the electrical service, perhaps a ground loop or some other weirdness with the graphics card or cable slowly frying the motherboard in the display.

HDMI and DVI are essentially the same thing, just different connectors for the same format, so it’s no surprise if the electronics for one goes out, the other is soon to follow.

I have had displays die on me, and I am sure that most LCDs that I have seen dead are the power supply, commonly bad caps, but sometimes other issues. Rarely have I seen the control boards die which I believe would have to be the case if individual ports stop working. The only other common failure has been backlight which has mostly been fixed since the move to LED backlight.

I have fixed a couple by finding open frame power supplies that fit, or replacement backlights, but the control boards are often difficult or impossible to find and if you do find them are often more expensive then just finding a used replacement display so would only be worth it if the display is newer.

The last display that I had stop working on me I had for about 10 years, and was about 4 years old when I bought it refurbished.

If you display is hissing the transformer in the power supply is the problem and those care sensitive to bad power.