Side Panel window kit?

Hey guys, Im getting my case in a few days, along with all my parts, but the case I ended up going with was the Cooler Master RC 690. It doesnt come with a side panel window, which I wanted, since I've got a lot of aesthetics going into my case. UV cables, LED fans, Zalman cooler, 9800 GTX+ (yes, I consider that as aesthetically pleasing.). I've tried looking for a decent case mod/window kit, and have yet to find any. Also, Coolermaster does sell a windowed side panel for this model, but it's amazingly puny. So...yeah, if you could be so kind as to post a few websites or known retaielrs for window kits, I'd appreciate it.

you could always just go out to your local hardware store and buy clear plexiglass/acrylic glass (or whatever color you want) and buy some nice looking nuts and bolts and screw it on there

YA i was gonna mod my case too, but havent dicided if to mod or buy new one. Well i noe a few sites that sell window kits n pc modding parts.

My best experince was with Xoxide they shipp so fast. I live in Canada ordered on Friday nite got here monday morning and the shipping cost was only like 7bucks. But they do not have a big selection of windows