Side panel rattle

Hey everyone.

i would like to have some  tips what to do against that annoying Side pannel rattle.

My NZXT Phantom 530, side panel realy annoys me, it rattles like crazy.



I have a PC that makes a bit of annoying noise since I had it painted. I've been searching for the exact spot, but have been unable to find it. So I took some TPFE lubricant, and sprayed in all contact surfaces, and it stopped. Rattle is probably not just friction noise, it's probably something touching something else, like a wire or coolant tube touching a side panel. Other possibility is that a fan is not perfectly balanced anymore, either through damage or dirt on the blades, or because of wear on the fan bearing. This causes a rattling noise also. If that fan is in the side panel or on the GPU, the noise would come from the side panel.

i dont have a fan in the side panel.

Wenn i take off the side panel the rattle stops. So its definitely comes from the side panel.

spray the gooopydegoop that zoltan mention on the point of contacts of that side panel.


hows that stuf called?

I dont know if i can get such a spray somewhere over here lol ☺

Strange thing is, that my old case, had the same issues somethimes.. so i basicly have no idea, if have stand it on a wooden table. somethimes if i move the case arround a littlebit it stops rattle.

Whaaaaa? Impossibru! Does it have the little rubber bits on the thumb screws? Try touching it in different places until you find out where it's loose. It might be one of the little latch things on the far side away from the thumb screws. That's werid. 

Well the tumbscrews i have, do have some things on it. i guess that is what you mean.

But it still rattles. the strange thing is wenn i remove the side panel it stops rattle. strange thing is as soon as i install the side panel back on, the dust filters on the bottum start to fibrate.

Probably the big heavy aircooler is causing it.. but im not sure. I screwd all mainboard screws realy tide. so normaly that could not fibrate

The place were its fibrations come from, is on the bottem of the side panel, near the center where those 2 dust filters come to gether, exactly on that spot. The case starts to fibrate, and then the dust filters, making the noice worse.

If you want to find tpfe (I think its actually spelled PTFE) , the name brand in the US is Teflon, I don't know if its called that where you live

If by chance it's more of a deep humming noise then it's likely harddrive vibrations that are amplified by the case. Then try to dampen the drive(s) at their point of mounting.

(The drive sleds on this case seem to have the kind of thin rubber dampeners that don't do much good in practice.)

I'll see if I can reproduce on the one I have here. I had to fight with this one to get the side on and off. So on the side panel, its near the bottom center? 

The little clips that are on the side panel on that area, can you ever so slightly bend them carefully with pliers? try to angle it down just slightly.


Yes  underneath you have 2 dust filters the long one and the small one from the powersupply. and where those 2 filters come together, exaclty on that spot, the side panel vibrates. and the dust filters start to vibrate aswell, making the noice worse.

But you got a watercooler, so could be that you dont have the issues.

I in that blue market area there is the rattle going.


It sounds like you have negative pressure in your case, or that a fan is cavitating really bad.

well maybe the phanteks put´s everything under pressure cause of its weight, but its strange that it start to vibrate only wenn i put my side panel on.

The vibrating it self getting amplified during the plastic dust filters.

But at the moment it does not rattle, but wenn i lean to much on the table it starts all over again.

Does it still vibrate if you lower the voltage on your output fans a little?

The fact that it vibrates only when you put the side panel on, is an indication that the vibration is caused by air turbulence, not by mechanical vibration.

I think you that you might be having a bit more output air volume than input air volume.

The way fluids like air work, is that pressure and speed are inversely proportional, so when you have a larger outflux than influx, there will be a venturi effect on the intake side, which will accelerate the airflow beyond what the fan can drive, and when the venturi effect will increase until the air pressure at the intake fan reaches zero, which will stagnate the airflow, which increases the pressure again to maximum, which restarts the airflow acceleration until the pressure on the blades drops to zero, etc... over and over again. This cycles very fast, and causes a throbbing to rattling effect. It also causes accelerated wear on the fans, and is when it creates a standing wave, then the vibrations will reinforce themselves and create a pretty hefty vibration that develops a lot of energy. It also reinforces turbulence inside of the case, which causes dead spots, which in turn causes hot spots. Make sure the influx is a bit higher than the outflux, you really need positive air pressure inside the case, it will prevent damage through air-related vibration.

Another issue is that a lot of fans are not designed to reduce cavitation. Noctua fans are, that's why the static pressure fans by Noctua have fins after the fan blades, to reduce cavitations. Cavitations are volleys of low pressure that spiral away from the fan blades in the form of turbulence. If they find a standing wave frequency, the same as above happens, and in extreme cases of insufficient air insulation, they can cause a fan to do nothing at all but recycle it's own air, and that also causes a lot of vibration.

Rattle is a sign of vibration, and in a modern computer system, vibration is not normal. The only thing that causes a little vibration, but very variable vibration, is a mechanical HDD, and that causes no standing wave because it is variable. If you have a constant vibration (a constant rattle), it's probably airflow related. It may be an interference between different fans, a faulty fan, underpressure in the case, extreme cavitation, etc... but there is nothing else but fans in a PC that can cause a constant vibration.

my case has a 200mm front intake fan, and a 140mm back exhaust, just a stock NZXT.

It does not realy matter if i put the fan controller on the lowest or highest speed, the rattle still appears. The CPU cooler has 2x140mm fan, i have those in silent mode aswell, running on 1000rpm. But the case starts to vibrate wenn i put my side panel on. Maybe its just the table whats causing it.. maybe putting a rubber mat under the case could solve it dont know.

What about the clip on the sidepanel itself in that area? can it be bent ever so slightly?


Which clip do you mean exactly? i dont see any clips on my side panel.

 As far as i can investigate, it rattle´s wenn i put on the side panel. then the case starts to vibrate, then the dustfilters underneath start to vibrate aswell, causing the bad noice. so it seems that wenn i close my case, there is a sort of pressure, that causing to vibrate the case, probably the bottom, making the dustfilters to vibrate, maybe this has something to do, with the table, where its standing on..

if i move the case then its getting better, wenn i lean to much on the table its starts to vibrate again. maybe the surface where the case is standing on, is not stable.

Maybe-- have a look at this? If that makes sense for where to bend slightly.  Maybe.


Ah you mean that edge.  i definitely gonne try that. Thats the exact area on where the vibration is, and as you know underneath there are those dustfilters, who starting to vibrate aswell plastic vibrations on metal, causing the rattle.

i also have some elektrical tape laying arround, so i also gonne try that.

I was also thinking about, putting some tape, on the edges of the dust filter, the case vibrates, the plastic dust filter starts to vibrate against the bottom of the case.

Also a bit strange was, that my psu faced down ward, i was only able to fasten it with 3 screws.

Thank you for the help so far. ☺