Sick and tired of my PC Case. Should I upgrade?

Okay I cleaned my case last week (a Coolermaster Elite 430), a relatively cheap PC case and it was dusty as hell, I usually clean it once every month but just today I looked in my PC and IT'S ALREADY DUSTY AS HELL! I know it's probably like most of my fault due to only one case fan being on (side panel) however it's sucking air out rather than blowing? What is going on. This is not the only problem I have with this case, the build quality kinda sucks and the cable management? What cable management? I am very tempted to save up and buy a high quality, quiet, good cable management, less of a dust hoover pc case. (Looking at the Fractal Design Define R4 which looks brilliant with its sound proofing material)

What do you suggest I do? Go save up for a new case or...?

Think filtered intakes and postive case air pressure.( Over simplified, more intaking than exhausting )

For me I love Fractal Design cases.  The design quality is superb, they're not flashing with LED's, they're quiet, etc.  If you really want to keep using the Cooler Master case you'd probably have to spend at least another $20-$30 to get some decent fans and maybe even some dust shields.  You could also try moving the case.  Are you using it on carpet?

Yeah unfortunately. When I only had one monitor on my desk, I had my PC up on my desk however it gives me less room to use the mouse and my PC nearly fell off my desk twice, not fun. Now that I have two monitors on my desk it's impossible to have it up there. Would the dust filters help on the R4? (I hate carpets so much)

Thanks man. I think I'll get a fractal due to the other comment on this post. It has dust filters and includes silent fans, sound proof material and cable grommets for cable managements. 

Oh and just in case you suggest moving the case somewhere else. My hdmi cable is 1m long, so yeah not really in the mood to buy a cable just so I can move my case and this may sound anal retentive but I like my PC below or above where I sit having it in another place in my room is irritating and imagine the cables!!!

Not a problem. I wasn't sure if it was a possibility, but the dust filters should, most definetly, help on the R4 or any case for that matter.