Show us your keyboards! 2015 Edition

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Hey guys, show us your keyboards! what do you use to make your words show up?

this is the one i use at work, a rosewill mx brown keyboard

then at home i use a CM Storm Stealth cherry mx blue
and some run of the mill wireless logitech for the HTPC, rubber dome

aww yeah.

Ducky Zero DK2108, white double shot ABS keycaps, RTW esc key.

Royal Kludge RC930-87 RGB with Vortex White keycaps (using some of the original keycaps for stabilizers or toggle lights i.e. capslock). I might get a RTW keycap for the tilde key.

nice, white keycaps are very pretty

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My collection thus far

Rosewill RK-9000V2

CM Storm QuickFire TK

Ozone Strike Pro

:edit: fixed pictures

Well, as far as what I'm actively using, it looks like this:

Main Rig: Corsair K70 red led, Cherry MX Brown switches
Server: Dell Quietkey PS/2 circa 1998
HTPC: Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth

The Corsair obviously stays on my desk. The Dell is tucked down beside my server for when I need it. The Microsoft stays in my coffee table drawer, again, for when I need it.

@Jeol I like the look of that Royal Kludge 10 keyless, I've not heard of them before.

NorthGate OmniKey 101 - Switches: White Alps

Pre Windows Key

I need to clean this thing
Do OrbWeavers Count? Because I got one of those


Yeah, it's pretty nice! The stock keycaps are a bit niche. It's a knock-off topre too (mine's the 55g version); it feels pretty nice in my opinion. I have the Logitech G710+ as well, but I like this one more, aside from the fact that it doesn't have a numpad.They've started to sell the 104-key versions through its Massdrop.

Cherry Greens WASD CODE with o-rings. Vortex PBT keycaps for the w,a,s,d, and the num pad

What I use currently.

My collection.

Only now finally getting into the mechanical keyboard master race. Now typing this on my brand new Corsair K65 RGB. Feels great man. Will post a pics or two when I figure out a decent color setup for daily driving. Seriously considering a Vengence K65 with MX browns for work now.

finally finished modding my cm stealth keyboard with my custom keycaps from WASD

with flash to show colors better

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What is that, a nebula?


Only thing I got to take pictures atm is a laptop webcam.

we are keyboard buddies.

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Dell SK-8135

Nothing too fancy.

Slightly off topic: I'm looking to upgrade but not too sure what to get, I just know that this thing feels a little too mushy, but I like it otherwise. Numpad, backlight, and dedicated media keys are a must, G-keys optional, the less it costs the better. Any suggestions?