Should You Torrent Games

One of the many great thing about PC gaming is of course torrenting. I myself have torrented quite a few games since I got into PC gaming. I always here things about how it hurts the companies making the game but post what you think about it and whether or not you do it/should do it.

Well ... technically you shouldn't torrent them. But if you are a kid/student in "developing world" (like india or eastern europe), then "buy on steam" might not really be a possible option.

My answer would be: you should buy the game, if you can afford it (keep in mind, there are Steam Sales and you can get stuff really cheap) and only torrent games if buying is not an option.

Also, I would recommend buying full-price stuff from companies which really deserve it, like CD Projekt.


This is what I go by;

Torrent music, buy later
Torrent Movies/TV Shows if netflix isn't available
Buy ALL games because they a litterally so cheap,a nd as logn as you are in the first world then you can afford them

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Buy games, if you like the game support the dev's to make more games like it...
Only torrent if there is know other way to buy, but if you have an internet connection you should be able to buy

If a person can't afford a $20 game on sale they have bigger issues to deal with.


Full agreement with Teresko. Personally I believe that Copyright does not serve the consumer or the creator any more and thus does not serve the medium or the art or the entertainment. If you like the game, the company that creates it respects the rights of its fans and you have the money to do so buy the game. Its the only way to support the people that make it (unless its a big cooperation that the actual creators get jack shit). What should the criteria be is on what you spend the money on and who gets it. If the creators do, then you ought to support them, if you like their game. If, on the other hand, someone does not have the resources he should not be limited in what he can experience. People should be able to non-commercially share anything whether its a game, data, tools or art. It is imperative for progress.

Anyway any serious research shows than piracy does not affect the amount of money spend on the industry. It does change on who the money are spend on, which does not bode well for big publishers that depend their profits more on marketing than actual quality of the product.

BTW you can very well be a poor person in the so called developed world and still not have the money to spend on games, music and the like.


I torrent them to test them and see what the buzz is about, and only buy from devs that i want to support or who deserve my support. That is, i don't pay for a game, i pay to support. I will especially torrent games from devs that are no longer around or whose original staff and talent are gone, because nobody else deserves the money if they aren't the original developer and maker. So in other words i don't support a brand, i support the unique sum of individuals, and i make sure that i sift through the credits of all games i love to memorize as best i can the individuals that made the thing possible, because it is the individual talent that matters and the unique result of a particular sum of such talent, not the brand name. A hard learned lesson from Bioware once EA took over, sacked all the original staff, and replaced it till Bioware died and only the name remained for milking a reputation that isn't possible anymore without the soul behind it. So Publishers can go die in a fire in the pit of obsolete garbage, just like 3rd party distributors in the music industry can, the RIAA and MPAA can, and all other such filth. If a dev has a donation system that goes straight to their pockets and nobody else, i'd torrent the game and put 1 or multiple copies worth of money into that donation depending on how much i want to support them.
Don't care what someone thinks i "should" do, or how i "should" do it, nor do i care to force my own ways onto others like forcing an agenda. Relative and subjective opinions.


Back when I was a student and way too poor to buy every game I wanted to play, I'd torrent all of them and then buy the ones I liked. The ones I didn't like ended up getting deinstalled.

Really the only reason I would torrent a game was back when I wasn't sure if my computer could play it. For whatever reason companies stopped offering demos to their games. Nowadays that isn't much of an issue since I have a dedicated gaming PC. Still I wish companies would release demos to their games so I could try before I buy.

I would say that Torrenting is acceptable if the game is not available for purchase. And I don't count used from ebay here. If the game is available for you in the retailers or from legit digital store(GOG, Steam for example) the you should get the game from there. And if you don't have money don't get it and don't torrent it.

Torrenting is stealing and it's a scum thing to do. Torrenting big AAA games have never helped. Publishers will spin it as lost sales and justify DRM. And then the DRM will be band and forbid the legit customers from playing the game. And then the publisher will blame the pirates for ruining the game for everyone.

And according to Hotline Miami 2 devs it's OK to pirate it if you live in Australia since the game is banned in the country.

There's plenty of artists who won't see any benefit from you buying their music because their labels take something like 90% of the profits on album sales. It's better to see them live.

This I seriously take issue with. There have been games that came out recently that cost ~$80. That's not reasonable, not even for a second. As a poor college student, $60 games are a treat that I can only indulge in given a nice windfall or a couple months of penny pinching. Also, the first/second/third world differentiation system is deprecated and technically meaningless.



Let us be clear, downloading a game via a torrent is not inherently illegal, some game studios distribute their games via torrent. Downloading a pirated game via torrent is what is in question. I personally have no issue with the former or the later.

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GTA 5 made $1 billion in three days. Games publishers are not going hungry.

Whether it's moral or legal doesn't really matter, they can't stop you from doing it, so why should you stop? In a free market you have to ask yourself why should you pay for something which you can get for free? The publishing industies need to accept that people will torrent their stuff and they need to comepete with that, they need to create an incentive for you to buy their stuff not just try to bully you in to it.

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If you want the Pirater to mine bitcoins or virusbomb your rig, go ahead /s

Is not. Torrenting = sharing. Sharing = caring. Caring = love. Therefore, torrenting is a care bear. Case closed!


I did misuse torrent there. Torrenting it self is fine but getting software and content that you have not paid for is still stealing.

What an interesting thread lovif all the opinions everyone!

i would advise against downloading ripped games. they are full of viruses. unless where you are torrenting from is a trusted source and not kickass or pirate bay then MAYBE. up to you to be responsible. on the topic of pirating, i dont condone it.

There's a pretty strong argument to be made for pirating AAA games given recent events.
Assassin's Creed Unity received a 70 and Total War: Rome II received a 76 on metacritic despite both of these games being almost unplayable on launch, and to my knowledge Unity is still broken as shit. Halo: TMC has a metacritic of 85 despite it's main draw, the multiplayer, being almost unusable.

Add in recent scandals like the Shadow of Mordor review copy shenanigans and the fact that a number of review sites either have very poor ethics policies or none at all.

$60 isn't an insane amount of money but I should have a reasonable expectation to get a number of enjoyable hours of gameplay for that investment.

The problem is that I'm not dumb enough to buy into PR team's hype and marketing so I rely on reviews to inform me where I should invest that money. When I can't trust a large amount of reviews to be objective and not bought I can't get an idea of what that game will be like and if I might enjoy it or if I should spend my money elsewhere.

Another ingredient in this mixture is DRM bullshit that AAA companies pull. A good example was that Risen: 3 came out recently and uPlay Playedu. If you bought the game legitimately you were downright lucky to get the damned thing to work so you could actually play the game you spent money on. If you pirated it, well it worked no problem.

Piracy is treated like you're stealing candy from babies and replacing it with a stick of arsenic, but really it's the only reliable form of consumer protection left. Demos are often misleading. Games shown at conventions suffer the same problem. Reviews are often bullshit propaganda.

If you like the game you should buy it, and there are several games that I pirated first and ended up actually buying a few copies over the years. But I can't trust the information I receive any more, I have to play for myself.