Should I use my r9 270

I have an an intel pentium G860, is there much point swapping out my 7770 for r9 270 (will i see a performance difference?) or will i wait to I get an i5.

Do you have a r9 270 already or will you buy it?

If you have it then swap it, otherwise i belive you can wait with buing a new graphicscard, because the 7770 is a really good card and the pentium is not a good processor.

you will see perforormace improvement with the r9 270, though the pentium will bottleneck.

Yeah if you already have it, I mean you might as well use it and sell the 7770 for a new CPU as that one is bad. If not I would recommend you save your cash for a better CPU first, along with the probable upgrade for a new motherboard.

But if the cpu will bottleneck, is there much point putting it into the system. I suppose there's no harm in putting it in until I upgrade the cpu. However i'm really struggling in selling the 7770 and cpu, what would be the best way to go about selling.  This sites predominantly american, and delivery is going to be a problem. From past experiance I never took into account delivery and resulted in bringing down the final price of the product significantly.

If I do sell them, would an i5 3470/3570 non k with stock cooler and my current mobo (msi H61-P31, fairly low end) be fine?

Yeah, but the CPU probably already bottlenecks your current GPU, so it really wouldn't matter, but you might as well keep the better card for later(unless you want to sell both the 7770 and R9 270 now perhaps get a 280 or something. An i5 3470 or 3570 will be fine and would not bottleneck your GPU what so ever, at least for gaming. As for the motherboard, as long as it can do PCI 3.0 at 8x or 16x that should be fine as of right now. I wouldn't expect you be able to overclock anything, but it won't slow your system down. I would however recommend you upgrade that next after the CPU(and get a better cooler, if you plan to overclock).

For selling your your components, you could try here if you want, as there is a decent amount of people on the site who live in Europe and of course in the rest of the world, but like you said it's mainly American. I don't know where you live but you can try eBay which is very popular worldwide and components usually sell like hotcakes there. I have sold things there and the process is pretty simple overall. Amazon works too or perhaps you have a friend who wants to build a computer or upgrade some parts.

E bay. Its a really good place to sell. As for the last question, yeah they all match up and the CPU is not that bad so it won't be holding your 270 down. But I think your first course of action(even if you want to keep the 7770 in you're PC) is to but that CPU. Its really holding back your GPU.

EDIT: Make sure you have a PSU good enough to power everything.

Right, but in the meantime, is there no harm in installing the 270 for now until i sell the 7770 and cpu, will i see a big increase in performance despite the bottleneck?

I have a pentium G2020 with a MSI R9 270. Even if there was some "unoptimised hardware" I don;t find any issues with playing games. I still can play max settings on some games and with BF4, I just turn off the AA and play at high/ultra and still play well.

Cheers for the input guys. In regards to selling on ebay, how do you know what delivery price to set if you don't know in advance the location of the buyer?  I do believe they ask for a delivery price before listing.

And the psu is an xfx 80+ bronze 550w. Should be fine, but when i get the i5 will it be enough? I'd expect it to be enough

The i5 doesn't really take more juice than the pentium so yes it will work


The i5 doesn't really take more juice than the pentium so yes it will work