Should I upgrade or switch?

So I've had my 7970 from sapphire for a couple years and its run flawless. After moving to a hotterhotter part of the US I was dropping down my OCS and turning the fans up. Even after those changes I've mad the card still runs hot and is way louder. I'm trying to figure it whether switching to nvidia/900 series would be a good idea. Nvidia cards generally from my own experience run cooler then and. Is this reasonable or are there amd GPUs out that run cooler? The 280x is the same card basically so I don't see how going that direction would be justifiable. Well anyways, I'd greatly appreciate any advice or info. 


You should do neither and clean out your current card; replace the thermal paste and perhaps add more fans to your case. Other than that, the cooler's design itself will be a lot more influential on temperatures than the manufacturer of the card.

I've replaced thermal paste and cleaned out dust after moving(3 months ago). I have 4 fans in my case already. I'm seeing upper 70s on 70% fan speed during games at stock settings. 

What particular 7970 do you have? I have not known of any non-reference 7970 hitting nearly 80 degrees with 70% fans. Unless you live in Death Valley... 

The outback?

Its the sapphire dual-x version. And i'm living in down in south florida now. Came from canada.

that explains it   ...    sorry I am no help.

save for a vapor x

What's the temperature in the room that has the computer? If it's 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) or under then it's probably not the weather.

The temps in the room are usually between 75-78 Fahrenheit.  


Might be time to consider a water-cooling solution.

or an air conditioner   lol

maybe lower the OC/voltage some more. do you have a bottom 120 intake mount in your case? some fresh air in from the bottom directly to the card would definitely help, if you are not already doing that.

if you DO decide to go with a 900 series Nvidia, Rumor has it that the 980 will have a 170W TDP. i THINK the 7970 is something like 300W. so if you do, it will run cooler. 

good info ... thanks

If you go with water you could buy the correct R9 series card to match your 7970, crossfire them,  and joy and wonder will ensue.

In an environment like that it's genuinely worth considering going with a longterm solution to all your heat issues.

Currently I have a side intake but no bottom. I'm basically runnick at s tock clocks at this point. If anything water sounds like money wasted. I'll probably end up selling the 7970 when the 980 drops and getting that.