Should I splurge or not?

So basically, I am conflicted between these things.

Should I get the ASRock Extreme 9 with the AMD FX-8350?


Should I splurge and grab the i7-3820 and the Asus Sabertooth X79?

Basically, I just want something that will play games on max without trouble, with the potential of some over clocking. I do not do any heavy editing, or anything along those lines. The system will be used mostly for gaming. Eventually, I will probably invest in a CPU and GPU water cooler.

The RAM I will be getting will be 1600, with a possibility of me upgrading that to 2100 or so if I feel like it's a good deal for the money.

Will also be grabbing an 7950 or gtx 660 ti.

So with that in mind, which do you recommend? Or if something different besides what I listed, what?


Basically my question is could I get away with getting the ASRock and 8350, or would spending the money now be worth it in the long run for a PC I expect to last 3 years?

No need splurging, especially if just gaming. Even though the FX isn't the fastest chip ever, it holds its ground in newer games, and that trend will continue since the next gen consoles will use an APU with 8 low-power CPU cores (so less emphasis on per core performance). It's fast enough now, and will continue to be faster as games become more optimized to scale beyond 2-4 cores.

Also, GPU has way more of an impact in gaming than CPU. You can have a decent dual-core CPU and still have a great gaming experience provided the GPU has the horsepower. Me, on the otherhand (mind you, my original build had a GTX 570), I'm rocking a 4.5GHz Core i5 2500k with a GTX 650, and let me tell you, my gaming experience isn't the best. I have to constantly make a choice between fluid gameplay with low details, or decent details with choppy gampley (25-30FPS) at 1080. And the GPU is OC'd too...

So the 8350 would be good enough to be full maxed out gaming as long as I get a good enough graphics card? Which I will be..

Next thing is, will the ASRock Extreme9 be able to support everything I need?

Yes. the extreme 9 is a very nice board

The Extreme9 is a fantastic board, across all platforms. Asrock makes some great stuff in their high-end lines, like the Extreme9.

Thats a quality  motherboard, it should work perfectly fine.

So, bottom light is the ASRock Extreme 9 with the AMD FX-8350 the best value I can get for my money per performance and still be able to have maxed out games?

The CPU is much less of a determining factor. The Extreme9 isn't necessary - you could grab an Extreme6, or even a Gigabyte UD5 990FX, and be perfectly fine. As long as you have GPU horsepower, you'll be golden.

Thanks for the input, I was wanting to grab the CPU today because it's 20% off. Saving $40. Now just to save up and grab the rest of the parts!

Asrock hasn´t made a Extreme 6 in theire AMD lines.  only a 990FX extreme 4 and the 990FX Extreme 9.

the Extreme 9 is a Fantastic board. with 12+2 power phase, and gold plated capacitors, its awesome looking to.

Also the Asus Sabbertooth GEN 3 would be a good choice.

About a GPU choice, i would say a 7950 or 7970. if you prefer Nvidia cards then  GTX680. but 7970 has better pure gaming performance over the GTX680. (excluded the titan ofc)

Grtz Angel ☺

It warms my heart.... I see other forums that spend all day recommending way more expensive motherboards and CPU's... and missing the point on the GPU. Listen to everyone here... and spend all your extra money on a GPU... If you want to splurge, get a GTX 780 (out soon!).

Yes i think, it might be a realy good idea to wait till nvidia´s 700 series will be released, and look how they perform. i hope to see benchmarks soon about those cards. And i hope they Bench those cards against the  HD7xxx serie cards, to see if there is any inprovement, especialy in the high end segment.


IMO 7xx series a little bit over hyped. Pardon the 780. 770 and lower are rebrands and higher amounts of Vram. however the 780 will be a dumbed down titan, actual GK110

One thing you could do is go with a 3570k or a 3770k, and a Z77 board, and use the integrated graphics until we know the deal on all the next-gen cards.  (I only say this because it could be a while until most of their lineups are out.)  The Ivy Bridge to Haswell jump isn't going to be huge, but the 7xxx to 9xxx very well could be.  Nvidia's looking just to be rebadges again, though.  

It's worth pointing out too, while FX is a solid choice, if you consistently play CPU heavy games, it may be worth going to Intel.  I'm not going to say that one or the other is better, but AMD performs better in some games, and Intel in others. 

but the other thing with that is next gen intel are coming out really soon

I didn't have time to read all the post here, but the general concensus is the correct..... SAVE ON THE CPU AND MOTHERBOARD if you are just gaming. A i5-3570k overclocked or the AMD 8350 with a $130-160 board will serve you well and use what money you have left on a graphics card. Maybe even wait for intels next generation and a gtx 780.

You don't need a crazy expensive motherboard if you are just going to get a single graphics card.

Get a 770 or a 780 for graphics if you really want to splurge. or even 2x 760 in SLI

That's true...yeah waiting is probably all around the best bet right now.