Should i sell my 10850k for a 9940x?

hey there I hope you are all doing well. I currently have an i9 10850k and whilst running Arch Linux + 2 windows vms (one for gaming (4c 8t with a titan xp passed through) & one for school/windows development (6c/6t with a titan v passed through) and i have noticed that i have basically ran out of cores and making my system struggle. My friend has a spare x299 msi x299 raider board shes willing to sell me for €100 and i have seen the i9 9940x on local used markets for sub £300 and im tempted to buy it (and sell my 10850k or keep it for a future build not too sure yet) and i know that HEDT has more ram support and bandwidth and would have to buy another 32gb kit to make use of it what im inclined to do too in a few months when i can afford it after the purchase of CPU and Mobo. Would 2x16gb 3600mhz sticks be “fine” for running on x299 in the meantime? is the 9940x a good CPU for virtualization and gaming?

You should be able to run 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 sticks

I’ve gotten an LGA2066 7800, to [actually] play nice with 32GB of DDR4-3600
VERY good chance the 9940x will be 0 haggling, regarding the memory speed
Since x299 is a quad channel RAM arrangement, look at 4x stick kits
Doing your 2x16 as holdover [initial booting / restoring profiles] shouldn’t hurt

The Raider is a fairly basic board, as being geared to functionality [menial flare]

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