Should I RMA my FX 8350?

So, I've been having issues with my new build, and I'm not sure if it's the cooler not being mounted correctly, or if I have a crap CPU. My idle temps were at 65c and today I cleaned off the CPU and my cooler and re-mounted them again. And when I first booted it looked proper with idle temps of 35c but not even 10 minutes later the temps were up to 60c and my CPU hits heat threshold with only a few minutes into any stress I put on it, even with something as low demanding as CS:GO. 

So, I wanted to know if this is a situation where my CPU needs to be RMA'd because I know it's not the cooler's performance, as it did a stellar job on my 3570K @4.3Ghz~4.5Ghz. And if it's not necessarily an RMA situation, what should I do to make sure?

Thanks for any help.


It's not any auto OC or anything, I've made sure the clocks are at stock before thinking there's an issue.

I've considered down clocking, but what's the point of that if it cant run at spec?

My Mobo is the Crosshair V Formula-Z and my cooler is the H80i

is your cooler itself getting hot? Like, when your CPU is overheating, how warm is the radiator of the cooler?

The 8350's do run hot. I would recommend using a aftermarket cooler if you are using the stock cooler

My H80i temps are the same as my cpu, so roughly 60c

I know it runs hot, but idle temps are supposed to be around 40c, not 60c.

And yeah my CPU does get hot, yesterday when I was seeing what could be the issue other than the mount, the tubing of the H80i was very hot, so I knew the CPU was kicking out the heat it's saying. That's why I'm thinking it's a bad chip.

Yeah...I don't think it should be pushing your H80i that hard even from a stress test without overclocking. Sounds like a bad chip. If you had used the stock heat sink it would of fried itself. I am pretty sure you can get an RMA on it but it depends on where you got it.

CanadaComputers has awesome RMA support, so it shouldnt be an issue to RMA it. I'm going to do some testing with the stock cooler, and see if it's possibly my H80i, if it possibly has something wrong with it. If so, it's not an issue, I've already ordered a Swiftech H320 (because that H440 320mm top rad support)

Check the fans are instaled correctly on the H80i so meny times ive seen the fans set wrong both blowing in to the rad from each end makes the liquid boil and over heat.

any overclocking, what are the voltages, does it do the same thing with a different Heat sync? I had a h80i die not to long ago,

are you sure the pump hasn't craped out?

This is what i get with my Cooler Master Hyper 212. I would check voltages to see if the CPU is lowering them when idle.

i wouldn´t be supriced either, as the pump has failed. ☺

Or the airflow trough the rad is set the wrong way.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my H80i, as the airflow was correct, I could feel the pump working properly, and I could feel the rad getting to the temps it was saying it was.

I sent it in today for testing to see if it does indeed need an RMA. There was no OC on it at all, it was running absolutely stock. As I was very thorough with making sure it was running at absolute stock before deeming this as a bad part. I tried my Seidon 120M as well and I had higher temps with it. So I didn't want to try the stock heat sink, as it would have fried the CPU possibly.

The guys at CanadaComputers when I was explaining it to them they agreed that not trying the stock cooler after was a good idea. The temps were outrageously high for what it was running at, and I know it wasnt my cooler due to that when I did re-install it, for the first 10 min of running it ran at the proper temps, and then the heat went back to 60c.

If it was indeed the H80i dying, then its not an issue, as I have a H320 in the mail. Although everything I checked of the H80i, it didnt seem to have been not functioning properly.

okay that can´t be good.

just rma it then ☺

Luckily, the store I got it from, their RMA policy within 14days of purchase (which is literally JUST made) allows them to give me a replacement part when I get the results back from their testing after 2-3 business days. Come Thursday I'll know for sure if it was my CPU or Cooler, if it was indeed cooler, then as I've said, not an issue cause H320 on it's waaaay~!