Should I Reapply Thermal Paste?

Ok so I put a small dot of thermal paste in middle of my amd fx-8350 CPU but I think I put too much so i pressed down my heatsink which is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. They say your only meant to put up and downwards pressure and never right and left but to fit the bracket in i had to move the heatsink a bit to the right and left to fit it and eventually I started seeing some thermal paste coming out of one side a bit But I cleaned it off a bit with a cotton swab. even if I do reapply I don't think I'll be able to fit the bracket onto my ASUS M5A97 EVo R 2.0 Socket AM3+ Motherboard without moving it right and left it literally just about fits. So even though I started to see some come out of the side do you think I should clean it all off and reapply? Which one of these reactions should I have

1: Eh Don't worry about it it will be fine

2: Meh get a program that tells You the temperature of your CPU and if it starts getting too much try reapplying



Personally I would go with 2 but if you know otherwise tell me

Number 2, cuz

I just built the exact same setup. I also had to wiggle my cooler around a lot to convince the bracket to line up so i could screw it down. I also saw that some of my paste has made its way out over the edge ( I may have just used a little too much). After assembly, what I did is i went and downloaded prime 95 and hardware monitor and ran them both to see what kinds of temps I got. 

I am getting around 45 degrees on full load, OCed to 4.3Ghz. I think that's pretty nice. I am still looking into more case fans. Just watch your temps for a few days, while gaming or whatever you do that creates cpu load.  

I Agree with Strangelove, opt for option 2

The same thing happened to me when installing the same cooler for the first time. I used too much paste;my temps weren't that bad but could have been better, but that was due to the Arctic Silver 5 that I was using. I reapplied without seeing any difference. Once I switched to Arctic MX4, I saw a drop of 10-11C!

Either way, stress test, and if the temps are to your satisfaction, don't worry about it, if they're not, reapply.