Should i invest in more powerfull fans?

hi im new to the  teksyndicate website but have been a fan since the start, i just want to know if i should spend a bit more money and invest in better case fans heres the 2 im looking at also if you have any suggestions on fans that would be good (preferably coolermaster ones)


Fans: Coolermaster Value 4x 120mm (1200RPM) $33.50 Or Coolermaster 120mm Turbine Master (1800RPM) ($15 Each)


also im from australia so if you have links ones that can be delivered to australia would be great ! Thanks :) 


(PS: i have a few steam keys to give away to people who provide the best anser)


Lastly My Specs Are :

Coolermaster Storm Scout 2 

Asus H61M

Intel G640

Stock Intel Cooler 

4Gb Generic Ram

Coolermaster Thunder 500w PSU 

Gigabyte Nvidia GT630


(i know there not the best specs but most parts are getting upgraded shortly)

Well.......What have you got in there now, what temperatures are you getting at the moment, what are noise levels like (and how important is that to you?) what makes you think you current fans are not upto the job? 

Welcome to the forum! 

Well the normal temperature is around about 36 and max is about 50 when on full load for hours and well at the moment i only have an old coolermaster fan which is an exaust and dont have any intakes (orded 2 sickleflow for intakes) in terms of noise there about what youd expect but i wouldent mind if the were a bit quiter (ive got a fan controller which kinda takes care of that )


EDIT : i think its a resonable tempreture but id rather keep it as cool as possible

Well in this case you don't need to really switch out the fans for temps, as you are going fine with what you got, and replacing that stock cooler would do better for you temps then a new case fan. 

That said, if you really want to hook up a new fan, go with real quality and get yourself something like a Noctua NF-P12 as your exhaust fan so you are set when you next upgrade. 

I see you like your Cool Master gear, but for fans you will get much better performance with someone like Noctua Phanteks or Corsair.



ok then thanks im looking at getting a coolermaster Seidon 120m sealed water cooler and then i might change the fan for a corsair or noctua one then ,


Thanks so much for your help :) (ps if you would like i can give you a free steam key )


Edit: should i get a fan controller ? and then hook up the 2 sickflow intakes & the exhaust? 

A fan controller could be option as you wont need all your fans ramped up to full speed with the setup you have right now. 

YAY steam key! send it over! steam ID is icecreamterror