Should i invest in a ssd for my leptop

So i have a main pc that i use most of the time, but i also have a older leptop(Acer aspire 6920 that i use at university and at wekends to do C# developing on it and simular stuf.

And i recently bught a new batery for it so it runs a decent tine on it. Now i'm thinking to replace the CD-ron with an 60 gb ssd(intending to use that

The ssd would be a boot drive, and some programs that i use all the time

the whole upgrade would cost me abaut 80 eur

It's up to you. It will make everything faster if you use it as your primary drive

You won't get the max speeds. But it would help save on the battery life. I currently have the Acer Aspire 5920. I'm thinking on getting a SSD, but I would just get a bigger HDD. You could probably get a really good size hard drive for the same price of a 60GB SSD

i would use the ssd as my main drive but i would replace the CD rom with it and leave the HDD in int so i would have 60Gb ssd+250Gb HDD, that is enugh space for me 

It will definitely speed up your computer compared to the usual 5500rpm drives found in laptops but just check if you have sata 2 or sata 3 (most laptops are still sata 2) if it is buying a sata 2 ssd will probably save you some $$

i have sata2 but the cheapest drive i found is a crucial m4 sata3(in my region) and it is cca 70eur... sux to be in europe :P 

That sounds like a good idea. Another thing you can do is get an external hard drive for backup just in case. Really helps having one. If you have a laptop drive laying around for sata, get a vantec nexstar Hard Drive Enclosure, they are about 8 bucks on newegg. I love mine. Depend speed. But it does take up 2 usb ports

Well, my laptop is so cruddy and old that it didn't make a huge difference. I stuck an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in it. It sped it up a little bit and it's going to help with battery life when I get my new battery, so I am happy with that.

But as far as SSD's go overall, they are 100% worth it. Getting a samsung 840 series SSD for my computer was one of the best decisions I made for the computer itself. It runs like butter and speeds up boot time, loading times (A LOT) and a lot of other things. So go for it.