Should I get used Noctua NH-D14?

Hello everyone!

Ok, here is the thing. I'm don't really need a high end cpu cooler, I was planning on buying the Scythe Mugen 4 for like 40$ for my AMD 8320, my motherboard is a mid range asus M5A97 R2.0. Mostly to help to keep temps low and silence. Maybe for some OC fun. My case is medium tower Aerocool Rs-4

Now there is guy like a 5 min drive away, who is selling Noctua NH-D14 with 2 fans and AMD mount (works for me), no other accessories for 40$. I would buy it, but the Noctua fans are 3 pin and I like to use PWM fans to control them. Not to mention that the cooler is freaking massive. There doasn't seem to be much interest from other potential buyers, because he allready made a couple selling topics.

What are your suggestions on this?

EDIT: No answer, looks like he allready sold it, too bad

I mean I'm also selling my nh-d14 for 40 bucks. Its not a bad deal by any means but the cooler really congests your case. Might not be the best idea if you like to tinker around in your case a lot. Also, the colors are really ugly. Mine is absolutely silent even with an oced 8350. Honestly, unless dead silence or ocing really matters to your, you'd be fine with a hyper 212. 

I'm upgrading my cooling aimed for almost silent when idle and still decent performance when gaming and maybe rendering. Getting a high end cooler for a low price is very tempting. But the size might be ovewhelming.

if it fits why not you can run the fans at like 500 rpm and still keep it cool even if you OC a little I would do it assuming you have some thermal paste if he is not giving you any accessories.  There are other good options around $40 as well like the hyper 212 there is also the phanteks tc12 the and many others.  Decide if the colors are important and if that big of a cooler will be a problem.


If I had the extra $40 lying around that didn't need to go anywhere else or didn't mean I was stuck eating Ramen noodles, I'd buy it.

He should have the splitters that came with it too. You should ask for those. If he doesn't, you can purchase a nice sleeved set online.