Should I get a One X or wait for the Series X?

I wanted to own a One X because it’d be my first Xbox and it’s 3 consoles in one. Plus it’s probably the most beautiful console i’ve ever seen. And Kareem Choudhry’s E3 presentation of the One X was literally better than a TED talk. The level of pride and confidence in their product there was spectacular to behold. That’s how you do E3.

I really love the fact that Red Dead 1 got a makeover on Xbox One. And I want to play that game again. I don’t think waiting for a PC version 10 years later is viable at this point.

Also, as superior as the Series X is, it looks like one of those Mini ITX cases that’s basically a rectangle. Not a fan of the design. They said the One X would be the blueprint for their next console. And I really thought that would include the chassis and exterior styling as well. Because just LOOK AT THE THING! I’ll end up with a Series X inevitably. But at the same time, I can’t help but think i’ll feel like I made a mistake not owning a One X. It’s a gorgeous console. Also, the Cyberpunk edition will be coming out. In summary, HOLY SHIT. All I have to say about that piece of hardware. The glowing graffiti is just WILD. But I reckon it’ll be around the $800-1000 range. $380 CAD for a One X is pretty enticing. Wish they’d up the storage to 2TB in its late life, though. It would only make sense.

When you want a console now, buy the XboneX.

Or wait until the thing goes away and more info on the XboXseX Someone did not think the name though is published (or leaked).

As of now, the XboXseX looks to be expensive for a console and potentially have features new to consoles.

You mean this thing?

That is just a regular xbox with some graphics on it, it will cost 50 maybe 100 currency more than a regular one.


Is it because of the backwards compatibility up to Xbox360?

The Cyberpunk 2077 edition seems appealing, I wont deny it. But practically, you probably should wait for the Series X, assuming the world doesnt collapse at release.

I’d wait for the Series X if i were you, because i’ll be buying a PS5, so we could argue which one is best and why the other one sucks.


I bought the one X when it was $100 off and I still felt ripped off, not many of the games I had took advantage of the “enhancements”, and the backwards compatability is picky and I was lucky that some of my 360 games worked on it.
Sure 4k looked nice but for the price it felt bad to me and I kick myself for not getting a $180 used One S, which hurt because Ive always had an xbox and never had a regret buy until now.

personally, wait for the series X or S to be on the Used Market, if you want an Xbox now, One S and save up for the uber price that the Series X and/or S will be at.

Well yeah, no shit? What did you think it was? It’s very limited though. 45,000 made. That’s a relatively very small amount compared to overall consoles produced. Special Edition consoles doesn’t imply they made 10,000 units that have 30% more power or something and special functionality. I’m fully aware.


Yeah idk. Read Dead 1 again and better than ever sounds enticing. And of course there’s actual exclusives on Xbox. Games which i’ve always wanted to play, but never owned an Xbox so wasn’t able to. If the One X really ends up being balls expensive $600+ then I’d rather use money like that to upgrade my PC.

@Automobili3XF Just like that? You’ve made your decision? Just curious, how old are you and how many PlayStation consoles have you owned?

Yep, my decision is made.
I’m 21 and i had them all so far, PS1, PS2, PS3 (super late in its life) and a PS4 Pro.
I’m mostly interested in the backwards compatibility thing, and i probably won’t buy it on launch day, i’ll wait a few months before all hardware quirks are ironed out.

So you were born around '99? When did you get around to getting a PlayStation 1?! You were still in diapers by the time the PS2 arrived. And then when did you get a PS2? PS3 I could see. Still, you’d be at 7 by the time the PS3 came out. And you said “late in its life”. Soo… 2012ish? Ok. And what games do you most closely associate with PlayStation overall as mascots/representative of that Platform/brand?

The PS5 doesn’t have backwards compatibility. It’s just backwards compatible with the PS4 and has two BC modes for more precise BC of PS4 and PS4 Pro. Given the extremely similar hardware, anyone could’ve seen this coming as if it was a hot pink transport truck with matching trailer on a two lane highway.

Unless you’re this guy.

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Ok, let’s clarify things.
I’m from 1998, but i’m also from a very small town in Brazil, things move slower in here, just for the sake of comparison i got my first at home internet connection back in 2009, a 150kbps WISP connection.
The first time i played a PS1 was when i was 5, so i’d say 2003ish, my mom bought me my own in 2004, which i used mostly to play Gran Turismo 2, Need For Speed II and Fifa.
Then in 2006 i got my PS2 on a raffle (already kited with a Matrix Modchip, to play pirated games) and i played everything on it, GTA, NFSU, Test Drive, Bomba Patch Football (a patch for Winning Eleven), you name it.
In 2009 (right when i got my WISP connection) i got an Xbox 360, played a lot with it (not online, however) and got a PS3 in 2012.
More recently in 2017 i’ve acquired my PS4 Pro.

I’d say Gran Turismo is the strongest imo, but i associate it a lot with God of War, Crash, Shadow of the Colossus and the Naughty Dog franchises.
Also a lot of third party franchises, but i don’t think its worth mentioning since most have ports in different consoles.

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Gran Turismo is actually the only thing they have left that’s 1st party and from the first generation and has any sort of historical tie with PlayStation. And it’s kind of a dodgy game at this point with a questionable future.

But regardless, so, you didn’t really address what I said about assbackwards compatibility…eer, oops, I mean “backwards compatibility” with the PS5. Because it’s only compatible with PS4 games. SOME PS4 games.

I have an E01 PS3 (very glad I own one of those) and it’s backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games. That’s true backwards compatibility. And especially in this context, backwards compatibility that matters. Backlog of SOME PS4 games? Ok, whatever. And again, anyone would’ve seen this coming. It IS practically the same hardware, just newer. With the addition of an SSD.